What is GN Gi gb!

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A: These three interfaces are GPRS interfaces. GI Interface GI interface is the interface between GPRS and external packet Data network (GGSN and PDN interface in GPRS network), and also the rendering point of terminal IP address in external data network. GPRS through the GI interface and a variety of public packet network such as Internet or ISDN interconnection, all users and control plane functions are based on the terminal IP layer to deal with, all 3GPP category Terminal Mobile performance end in the GI interface pre-processing, on the GI interface needs to be packaged/unpacked protocol, Address translation (such as the private network IP address translates to the public network IP address), the user access to authenticate and authentication and other operations. Because GPRS can support a variety of data networks, GI is not a standard interface, but a reference point. The GN interface GN Interface is a GN interface between SGSN and SGSN in the same plmn and between SGSN and GGSN (the interface between SGSN in the GPRS network). The interface protocol supports the transmission of user data and related signaling, and supports mobility management (MM), which uses the TCP/IP protocol. GN provides data and signaling interfaces using the GPRS channel Protocol (GTP) in the GN (and GP) interface in an IP-based backbone network. The GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) is defined on both the GP and GN platforms of each GSNS in the GPRS network. GB interface between SGSN and BBS interface is GB interface (SGSN and BSS interface in GPRS network). This interface SGSN the communication between the BSS system and MS to complete the functions of packet data transfer, mobility management and session management. This interface is the required interface of GPRS network. The interface protocol can be used to transmit signaling and traffic information. Through the network traffic control based on frame relay (frames Relay), the Frame relay network can be used for communication between SGSN and BSS, and also can be used to communicate with point-to Frame Relay connection. Support mobility management functions and session functions, such as GPRS attachment/separation, security, routing, activation/deactivation of data connection information, and support the transmission of packet data between Ms via BSS to SGSN.

What is GN Gi gb!

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