What is Google adwords keyword advertisement?

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What is Google adwordsKeyword advertisement?

Launched by GoogleAdwordsKeyword advertisement has become a popular online marketing product in the world. It is located on the side or top of the search result page of Google Web search, Google forum, and Google directory; it also appeared on hundreds of websites using Google's search engine, including well-known portal websites such as AOL, Sina, and Netease, with a high renewal rate.
Myadwords: a keyword-based paid search service product developed by the myadwords development team based on the search engine and carried on the right frame of Google search results and the prepayment click payment method above. You can make your own ads and select keywords.
To put it simply, myadwords keyword ads allow you to create simple and effective ads and use keyword searches to display ad information to target audiences who are looking for ad content.

What are the advantages of adwords advertising?

1. What are the advantages of adwords advertising compared with traditional advertising?

L advertising time: users who need to purchase ads
L display area: approximately 80% of Internet users worldwide
L less cost and less investment: only pay for the number of clicks, and use data to track the ROI
L flexibility: Meeting multiple goals, almost instantly improving and changing the advertising Series
L Advertising Customer Satisfaction: far more than other media, reaching a 93% ticket renewal rate

2. What are the advantages of googleadwords compared with the traditional paid click ads?
The advantages of Google myadwords keyword advertisement in the traditional pay-as-you-go service model
The bidding method is priced at static costs, and the prices of competitors vary greatly. The keyword ad discount Device Automatically adjusts the ad fee, which is only one cent higher than the competitor's! Effectively reduces prices and saves advertising funds
The ranking method only ranks ads based on click fees. Irrelevant advertisers are allowed to take the lead. The ranking is jointly determined by the click cost and click rate, the most equitable ranking method. Optimizes rankings and delivers excellent advertising performance.
The settlement method is used to pay the starting deposit and the minimum monthly fee are generated based on the actual number of clicks, which is clear at a glance.
The service is only available in China and cannot cover the whole world. Available in more than 250 countries/regions and in 97 languages, this service can be used to directly target the target customer base.

3. What are the advantages of Google adwords over other promotional products?
The main advantage of Google myadwords is that the ranking of the customer's ads in the search results is not determined by the ad price, but by the ad click rate (the ratio of the ad clicks to the display times) comprehensive results with the cost of each click (CPC); as an international search engine, Google myadwords ads cover more than 250 countries around the world, which can help customers maximize the impact of advertising; in addition, customers can receive their account status reports, AD optimization suggestions, and 7 × 12 hours of consulting services.
For more information, see the following table.
Google Baidu Sina Sohu 3721 search
The price policy (click rate + cost per click) is only determined based on the price. The higher the price, the higher the ranking.
Billing method based on the actual price per click, the higher the price, the higher the ranking
Actual cost per click <= CPC
Ranking Method (click rate + cost per click) ranking by price
Service project results report advertisement optimization suggestions 7 × 12 hours consultation Customer Service Hotline

Released in 250 countries around the world, domestic and domestic
The number of keywords that can be submitted is unlimited, and unlimited.

4. I have already done other promotions, such as Sohu and sina. Do I still need to do Google?

Sohu, Sina, 163, and Tom all have their own independent users and market positioning. You certainly want to make a comprehensive promotion, especially if you need overseas promotion, google is an excellent solution for you. With Google's global advertising, it is equivalent to fully covering your target customers. No one clicks your ads at any time, you don't have to pay. In the results report, the click-through rate and other information of your advertisement are clear at a glance, and you don't have to spend much money. Therefore, it is necessary for you to promote Google myadwords again.

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