What is VPs?

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We may not be very clear about the concept of VPS (virtual private server.

VPs Technology Introduction

Use the latest virtualization technology hyper-V to create multiple mutually isolated Virtual Private hosts ("virtual private server" or "VPs") on a physical server ").

These VPs share hardware, software licenses, and manage resources to maximize efficiency. For its users and applications,

The operation and management of each VPs platform are exactly the same as that of an independent host, because each VPs can be restarted independently and has its own administrator access permission,

Users, IP addresses, memory, processes, files, applications, system function libraries, and configuration files.

For product servers running multiple applications and having actual data, the low cost and high performance design of hyper-V has become the right choice for product server virtualization.

The Operation and Management of VPs are identical to that of an independent host.

Each VPs has its own process, user, and file, and provides full root access permissions.

Each VPs can have independent IP addresses, port numbers, forms, and filtering and routing rules.

Each VPs can have its own system configuration file and can load an application

Each VPs can have its own system function library version or modify the existing system function library version.

Transparent: No repackaging, re-compilation, re-testing, and re-training-all applications run in the same way

VPs is a virtual dedicated server, and VPS is a revolutionary technology for "hosting" businesses. Users can enjoy expensive high-end servers, flexibility, and functionality at a low cost, in addition, complicated system maintenance work is saved,

There is no need to sacrifice the system's integrity and operational independence.

Like an independent server, VPs has all the permissions of the system. It can freely split the disk space,

Assign permissions to users. It allows several enterprise users (several domain names) to share a disk space,

Software resources and network bandwidth, without compromising the flexibility of system operations, while allowing users

The "Administrator identity" independently controls your various application services and achieves true flexibility and autonomy.

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