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Integrated Intelligent Network can effectively use the original intelligent network, at the same time better for a number of network users to provide a comprehensive, unified business, its main purpose is to use only a set of network for fixed network, mobile network (including GSM and CDMA), IP network to provide business logic, Provide users of these networks with an intelligent business within or across multiple networks.

First, the system structure

Integrated Intelligent Network is based on the original intelligent network to introduce integrated business Control point (ISCP) and integrated Business Exchange Point (ISSP) developed, integrated intelligent Network at least to meet the following main features:

Support Multi-Protocol, support GSM caps, CDMA WIN-MAP, fixed-network inap and SIP protocols, and RADIUS protocols interconnected with AAA servers in data services;

It supports multiple signaling point coding and has the ability to interconnect with the original communication network.

Support the Next Generation Network (NGN) with soft switching as its core;

Provides an open business interface (OSA).

In order to be compatible with the original intelligent network system, the system of integrated intelligent Network is basically the same as that of the traditional intelligent network system for fixed network and mobile network. Integrated Intelligent Network is an intelligent network based on integrated service Control Point (ISCP), which completes a complete intelligent service call under the control of ISCP. In addition to ISCP, integrated intelligent Network also includes integrated service Exchange point (ISSP), Integrated business Management Point (ISMP), intelligent Peripherals (IP), integrated service Generation Environment (ISCEP), integrated service management access point (ISMAP), Integrated Recharge Center (IVC), integrated service data points ( ISDP), it should also include application servers and Redius servers that support open interfaces, and so on.

1. Integrated business Control Point (ISCP)

The integrated service Control point has the function of business controlling (SCF), as the core equipment of the integrated intelligent network, it can connect to ISSP directly or through signaling network and Sigtran, and control ISSP for call continuation.

2. Integrated Business Exchange Point (ISSP)

The integrated service Exchange point is the connection point between the existing communication network and the integrated Intelligent Network, and provides the function of accessing the Integrated intelligent network function set. ISSP can verify the request of integrated/traditional intelligent service and communicate with ISCP, respond to ISCP request, and allow ISCP business logic to influence call processing. In the case of independent intelligent peripherals, ISSP should also include some of the dedicated resource functions (SRF).

3. Smart Peripherals (IP)

Intelligent peripherals are special resources to help complete the intelligent business, usually with a variety of voice functions, such as speech synthesis, playback audio notification, accept DTMF dialing, voice recognition, and provide multimedia resources and voice text conversion and so on. Intelligent peripherals can exist as an independent physical device or as part of an SSP to receive ISCP control.

4. Integrated business data points (ISDP)

ISDP is a database of integrated intelligent networks that provides user and network data.

5. Integrated business Management Point (ISMP)

ISMP is an integrated intelligent business management system, which can configure and manage the Intelligent network business, and support the operating business, including the management of business logic in ISCP and the additions, deletions and modifications of business user data. The new business logic created in the Integrated Business Generation Environment (ISCE) is entered into the business management system by the business provider, and the system transfers it to the ISCP to provide the new business in the Integrated Intelligence network. In addition, the complete ISMP system can also accept the remote client to send the business control instructions, modify the business data, thus changing the business logic of the implementation process.

6. Integrated service generation Environment point (ISCEP)

Iscep's function is to generate new business logic based on customer requirements, so ISCEP has the ability to export business logic and business data models.

7. Integrated Business Management access point (ISMAP)

ISMAP is a business management access function equipment, ISMAP for business management operators to provide access to ISMP capabilities, and through the ISMP to modify, delete business user data and business performance, and provide to the ISMF interface, including audit access function permissions.

8. Integrated Recharge Center (IVC)

IVC is a comprehensive intelligent network system in the Recharge center, used to store recharge card data, and in the recharge call process and ISCP communication, receive ISCP sent to the recharge card data, the Recharge card data authentication, return recharge results, with ISCP completion of the recharge process. IVC Support fixed-network, CDMA network, GSM network and IP network users to recharge operations.

The realization of Integrated intelligent network

Since the integrated Intelligent Network is based on the existing network of Intelligent network, the integrated intelligent network should not only be connected with all the service networks, but also with fixed network, GSM network, CDMA network and IP network.

1. Connection with PSTN network, GSM network and CDMA network

Integrated Intelligent Network fully utilizes the original Intelligent network SSP to provide integrated intelligent network business, such as PSTN network, the local end of the bureau, the Exchange Bureau, Long-distance station's SSP through the No.7 signaling network Inap signaling and integrated intelligent Network ISCP connection, triggering the Integrated intelligent network business, and with the integrated intelligent network of Intelligent peripheral IP through the No.7 signaling network to establish signaling connection and bearer connection.

As with the PSTN network, the SSP, originally located in GSM and CDMA networks, can also be connected by the No.7 signaling network and the integrated Intelligent network in accordance with the needs of the Integrated Intelligent Network Service, triggering the business of the Integrated Intelligent Network (ISCP).

The ISCP of the Integrated Intelligent network can also be connected to the SCP of each business network through the INAP or Win-map protocol, and whether the ISCP-ISCP is connected will depend on the open business and routing organization.

2. Connection to IP network

The integrated intelligent Network is directly connected with the soft switching equipment with SSF, which supports a variety of network users ' ability to access, and provides integrated intelligent Network service for IP network users or PSTN, GSM and CDMA users. For an integrated intelligent network, SoftSwitch and the access point it controls form a virtual SSP, via Inap (which can take INAP/TCAP/SCCP over M3ua or inap/tcap over Scua) or SIP protocol via signaling gateways, and integrated intelligent Network ISCP Interoperability, the common provision of intelligent network services. For the intelligent business needs IVR and other functions, by SoftSwitch-controlled media server and media gateway implementation. In this way, the integrated intelligent network can realize interconnection and interworking with IP network, and more importantly, it can realize the integrated intelligent Network business related to Internet. In addition, the RADIUS server implements a unified billing and authentication function for IP network users through a RADIUS protocol.

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