What is Life?

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Life, like a bay of fresh water, the joy of love and creation, quiet and relaxing, constitute a wonderful ripple of life.

      What is life? Have we just been alive, or numb or nimble, dealing with countless large and small matters of social and family delivery, calculating the effects of various environmental changes and indulging in them, desiring to possess the materials that we all want to have, and fulfilling the "sacred task" given to us by traditional ideas, have you ever considered this topic? Ever go deep into the heart of life and life?             If the world lacks sincerity, honesty, and deep inner exchange, then owning those worldly materials, having convenient and advanced high-tech toys, just have a shell, what is the point? Material toys cannot fill the emptiness of the mind, for the soul eats food that is not the same as the body.        Do a thought experiment: remove all worldly considerations, remove the expectations of others, and what do you want to do most? Where the real life is hidden. If life is not for this, it is not their own life, but only the Muppets of society. The wealth will eventually disappear, the biological flesh and blood is only a psychological comfort, leaving their own only a copy of the most primitive innocence, a forever hidden in the heart of the secret.        In a sense, life and life are a living life. Life is creation, rest and play. All human activities are attributed to this. In life, what to do, is how to live.        So, what is your most desired life?       I want to go to a beautiful place in the mountains quietly learn and create, live and play. I don't miss any high-tech toys in the world. It looks like a super-extravagant wish, oh! But,--don't imprison your imagination!                               &N Bsp                   ps:      people live in their own terms, But the understanding of these nouns flows in the most superficial sense. What is the line in line? It is the activity that one cannot immediately get what is needed and has to delay waiting. But why don't you think you're in line when you call for takeout? Because they can wait.Take the takeaway while you can play the game, and not just wait. So, we can refine the meaning of "queuing": when people can't get what they need right away and find something meaningful to do, it's the real line. In real life, it's hard to get what you want right now, so we can set up some interesting activities to distract ourselves, like reading poetry, chatting with someone you like. When life has many pre-set interesting things to do, where will there be waiting? does not cause the life to have the big influence because of one less dispensable item.        In fact, even with pre-set activities, there is a sense of queuing. This is because we are worried that waiting at this moment will affect the subsequent arrangements or the quality of the things we need. So the exact meaning of queuing is that when people are unable to immediately get what they need and have to delay waiting and have nothing to do in the process of waiting, there is a noticeable "queuing up" mentality when worrying about the arrangement or the quality of the material required. Do not forget, it is an objective environment caused by psychological feelings, some people still feel waiting for fun!

What is Life?

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