What is MiFi?

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What is MiFi?

MiFi is the English abbreviation of my wifi, the Chinese meaning is mobile wireless router, insert a SIM card to surf the internet. MiFi is a portable broadband wireless device, set dial-up, Routing and access three-point function as one of the devices. Popular is a "personal hotspot" equipment. MiFi can also support 5 users, including digital cameras, laptops, mobile phones, ipads, games and multimedia players, including Wi-Fi-enabled devices available online.

  The difference between MiFi and routers:

1, the ordinary wireless router is suitable for the fixed position to place the use, compares the family or the enterprise network, is not suitable to carry. and MiFi equipment is more convenient to carry.

2, wireless routers do not have the number of users limit, as long as the terminal equipment has WiFi function can be. And MiFi can only support 5 users, is very suitable for individual users, now most people have WiFi-enabled mobile phones, ipads and laptop computers and other wireless devices.

3, the two hardware size difference is very far. Ordinary wireless routers in the computer bag is very difficult, and MiFi size only and credit card, space problem can be neglected.

  MiFi features are as follows:

① Storage Capabilities

② host application Capabilities

③ supports ev-do, UMTS/HSDPA, and 3G technology

④ built-in battery supports 4-hour active use, 40-hour standby

⑤ automatic sync e-mail settings and virtual private network connections

⑥ Support for remote administration

About MiFi What do you think you've been better informed about, with the popularity of wireless home network, without the installation of routers at home can realize wireless network sharing, no need for other wireless equipment, as long as we have a mobile phone in hand can be realized, convenient for us to carry, compared to our home broadband more cost-effective.

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