What is Premium Edition?

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What is Premium Edition?

Software company releases are often seenPremium EditionSoftware products, with the so-called StandardEdition. For example, the famous Adobe company recently released Adobe in China
The Simplified Chinese version of Creative Suite 2 is classified into standardEditionAndPremium EditionTwo suits. I always mistakenly thoughtPremium EditionIt is a professional version. Otherwise,PremiumNoProfessional. I checked the online dictionary today and summarized it as follows:

An amount which is more than usual:

  • We're re willing to payPremiumFor the best location.
  • Because of their location, these offices attractPremium.
  • The modified cars are available atPremiumOf 5% over the original price.
  • The busy shopper putsPremiumOn (= appreciates and will pay more for) Finding everything in one big store.

Describes something that is of higher than usual quality:

  • PremiumIce cream
  • The building is onPremiumSite.

An amount of money paid to obtain insurance:

  • Car insurance premiums have increased this year.
  • The premiums for healthcare plans are high.

VisiblePremium EditionA package version that provides more components than the standard version does not involve the functionality of the software. Adobe Creative Suite 2 Simplified Chinese versionPremium EditionCompared with standardEditionIncludes acrobat
7. Component sioal and golive CS2. Because this package is generally more cost-effective than purchasing separately, it may be translated into "discount edition" or "Special Edition ".

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