What is "plated careers"?

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"Plated Careers" in ancient times refers to the emperor to eat bowls, folk rumors, can get plated careers, life and clothing without worry. In modern times, "plated careers" has become a food to eat the other said, often some people say, XXX in the national unit to work, like holding a plated careers, not worry about life problems, often used to metaphor the very generous treatment of the position or national public service positions.

Now, the definition of "plated careers" seems to have changed.

Recently, the Ministry of Human and Social Affairs issued the "Mechanic education" Thirteen-Five "Planning" (hereinafter referred to as "planning"), this is the first human social department of the five-year plan for technical education. The country said, the next five years, this is "plated careers"!

The plan proposes 4 basic principles and 6 major development goals:

4 Basic principles:

Adhere to the overall planning, adhere to employment orientation, adhere to the connotation of development, cultivate the spirit of the principle of craftsman.

6 Major development Goals:

Clearly put forward the "more reasonable layout, more functional, more standardized management, continuous improvement of quality, more distinctive features, more environmentally optimized" six development goals.

In response to the 6 major development goals, specific measures were proposed:

-In the optimization of the layout, the focus is to coordinate the development of the East, middle and West regions, optimize the structure of mechanic colleges, develop the technician college, support the development of enterprises and private colleges, and stabilize the educational scale of schooling.

In terms of enhancing social service capacity, the emphasis is on the requirement that skilled workers should serve employment and entrepreneurship, develop service skills and talents, and strengthen international cooperation and exchange.

In terms of normative management, the main requirements are to standardize the internal management, schooling, student status, financial support and supervision evaluation of technical institutions.

In improving quality, the emphasis is on strengthening professional construction, textbook construction, scientific research and teaching, teacher construction, information construction and so on.

-in enhancing the characteristics, the emphasis is on the characteristics of school-enterprise cooperation, high-end training, standardization development and so on. In the optimization of the development of the environment, mainly from the policy, funds, projects, publicity and other aspects, to guide all over the industry to increase the support of technical institutions.

It can be seen that the country in the emphasis on the cultivation of technical personnel, and really master a technology, this is the real "plated careers", "iron rice bowl".

Beijing Shang School is to train it technical personnel. Taking advantage of the internet industry, IT industry has become the Chaoyang industry, the prospect is broad, is definitely the "plated careers" in plated careers. Shang graduated from the work of students to ensure that the high-paying life is not a dream.

What is "plated careers"?

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