What is Samsung S6 Intelligent Manager? S6 Intelligent Manager Tutorial

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What is Samsung S6 Intelligent Manager

• Identify an overly-consumed application and remove unwanted files.

• Delete unwanted files and close the application running in the background.

• Scan for malware and phishing attacks.

S6 Intelligent Manager Tutorial

1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".

2. Click on "Smart Manager".

3. After reading the "Use network connection" prompt, click "OK".

4. Click "One key Optimization" to automatically optimize the equipment.

5. Click on "Battery" to check the remaining battery charge and the time to use the equipment, for low battery-powered equipment, can be activated by the power-saving function, and shut down the application of excessive battery consumption to save battery charge.

6. Click on "Storage Space" to check the status of used and usable memory capacity, delete unused and residual files, or uninstall applications that are no longer in use.

7. Click on "Memory" to check the available amount of RAM, click "Autorun Application", in the Autorun application list, click the right slider to disable the software, you can disable the software automatically run, Gray rep off.

8. Click on "Device Safety" to check the security status of the device, which scans the device for malicious software and blocks phishing attacks and malicious web sites.

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