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Serial ATA, or Serial ATA, is the most fundamental difference between Serial ATA and the ATA/100 or ATA/133 APIs that are widely used, in the past, all ATA interface types on the hard disk were used for data communication in parallel, so they were collectively referred to as parallel ATA. Serial ATA, as its name implies, uses the serial mode (Serial ATA uses a "sequential" structure to package several BIT data, then, data transmission is performed at a higher speed (50% higher) than the parallel mode, and data is transmitted to the host in the form of Data grouping.

I. High Speed

The current ATA Hard Drive seldom uses all the bandwidth of the data cable. Even the ATA/133 hard drive won't actually reach 133 Mb/s. The maximum transmission rate is 60 Mb/s. In general, the difference between ATA/133 and ATA/66 is not felt. The serial ata1.0 sets the 150 Mbit/s standard, and will achieve a transmission rate of 600 Mbit/s, which is a qualitative leap.

2. Connecting multiple devices

Because Serial ATA uses point-to-point transmission protocol, there is no Master/Slave problem, so that each drive can not only enjoy the exclusive bandwidth, but also make the expansion of ATA devices more convenient. You can connect to multiple devices without having to set the Master/Slave jumper of the hard disk as long as you increase the number of channels.
Serial ATA adopts a seven-pin data cable, which consists of four pins, 1st pins for sending signals, 2nd pins for receiving signals, 3rd needles for power supply, and 4th needles for ground wires. The maximum length can reach 1 m, while the parallel ata can be up to 40 cm. It is important that the needle will not be bent or broken due to too many pins, And the Serial ATA plug-in is simple, it also greatly improves the ventilation conditions of the chassis.

3. Hot swapping

Serial ATA supports hot swapping. Like USB and ieee1394, the hard disk can be added or removed without shutdown, without damaging the hard disk and controller.

Iv. built-in data verification

A new CRC (cyclic redundancy check) protection system is introduced at both ends of the Serial ATA transmission bus. The two-way CRC Check of Serial ATA may be of little use to general domestic users, but it is crucial for high-end workstations and servers.

Technical Features and Performance Comparison of Serial ATA and parallel ATA

Technical Features Serial ata1.0 (Serial ATA) Parallel ATA (parallel ATA)
Highest data transmission rate 150 Mb/s (up to 600 Mb/s in sata3.0) 133 Mb/s (maximum value supported by ATA/133)
Applied Voltage 12 V, 5 V, 3.3 V 12 V
Heat Dissipation More conducive to heat dissipation Poor Heat Dissipation
Connection Cable 0-1 m long connection Cable 40-pin 80-Core Cable
Data Communication Mode Serial signal transmission Parallel Signal Transmission
Signal interference Low signal interference Strong signal interference
Hot dial plug-in supported? Yes No
Multi-Device Applications Dedicated data bandwidth Share a data bandwidth
Cost Low Cost Relatively high cost

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