What is software outsourcing?

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Software Outsourcing is the software demand activities that enterprises need to package all or part of their work in the software project to focus on core competitiveness businesses and reduce software project costs. Out of Business Flow
Package (BPO) has become the new development trend of outsourcing services and will become the main content of outsourcing in the next few years. BPO includes human resources, procurement, accounting, Customer Center, logistics, R & D, marketing, and factory operation
Training, these categories can be further subdivided. Not only does the IT industry need BPO, but each business of BPO cannot be separated from the support of IT businesses, thus generating IT outsourcing opportunities.

A software development project usually goes through several major stages, including requirement analysis, design, programming, and testing. The design includes the overall design, system design (turning the overall architecture into a block system), detailed
Design several steps. After the detailed design, the software becomes a compaction module, which then enters programming. By the end of the programming stage, the coding work of the software blue-collar module is left. In India
Graduates of higher vocational colleges who have been trained for one or two years are employed.

The final test of the software is a complex process-unit test (small module test), system test (integration of blocks and blocks), and overall function test. During this period, test engineers compile test tools and develop test rules, which is no less difficult than system framework. Finally, the test engineer completes the test task.

Outsourcing Software Testing is expected to become the Business Growth Point of small workshop Software Industry

If enterprises want to expand their international software outsourcing business, they must be in line with the international software market-including English understanding and communication skills, integration of technology, management, integration of work methods, and intellectual property rights
Integration. There are also quality assurance, credibility assurance, risk control capabilities, and intellectual property protection. The above conditions are clearly not available in most small workshop software enterprises in China. But this does not necessarily mean that small workshop Software Enterprises
There is no chance to undertake software outsourcing services. In software outsourcing projects, software testing projects are most suitable for the industrial characteristics of small workshop software enterprises in China.

Software testing is the most important means to ensure software quality.

The use of low-quality software may cause such problems during operation, which may lead to delays in work or loss of life and property for the use unit. Software testing is the most important means to protect software users from losses.

What is software testing? In 1983, IEEE defined the process of running or measuring a system by means of manual or automatic means, with the aim of verifying whether it meets the prescribed requirements or figuring out the difference between the expected results and the actual results.

Modern software development engineering clearly divides the entire software development process into several stages (see) and solves complex problems by stages. In this way, a number of clear monitoring points can be put forward for each stage throughout the software development process as the testing standard for the implementation of each stage, this improves the visibility of the development process and ensures the correctness of the development process.

Experience has proved that the quality of software is not only reflected in Program It is closely related to the system requirement analysis and software design made before coding. Many software errors may not be edited.
In the coding stage, programmers are designing the program, and even when analyzing the requirements, the cause is hidden. At this time, the correction of software engineering errors must be traced back to the initial stage of software development. If so, add again
This increases the software development cost.

To ensure the quality of software, project management should focus on the entire software survival, especially the system analysis during the development stage. Therefore, the concept and implementation scope of software testing must include review, evaluation, and testing at all stages of development.

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