What is the Apple imac All-in-one machine?

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Recently, a Netizen "My beautiful Diary" asked small series: Apple imac is what? Is it a monitor? New Apple imac is a recent netizen and media attention to the higher than the Apple Computer products, in response to the small white friends asked a lot of questions, below for you to describe in detail what the imac is.

  What's the imac?

The imac is Apple's computer abbreviation for the integration of Apple Macintosh computer series, which focuses on consumer and education markets. The imac features its design, and as early as 1998, Apple CEO Steve the concept of "what ' Not a computer" (which is not a computer computer) to the imac design process.

In layman's terms, the imac is Apple launched an All-in-one computer, and our digital Mac Apple notebook is different, its appearance is one machine modelling, similar to a monitor, but the Apple imac inside has CPU, graphics, hard disk and other computer core hardware, plainly is one machine computer.

Because of its unique design and superior ease of use, the imac has won almost every year since 1998, and Apple has launched a variety of imac computers, mainly as follows.

August 15, 1998 launched the first IMAC computer--imac G3;

January 7, 2003 Apple launches new IMAC product--imac G4;

August 31, 2004 Apple Computer launched a new IMAC products--imac G5;

2007 Apple launched the IMAC, which uses Intel processors, to produce--imac Core Duo (2 to 3 times times faster);

October 20, 2009 Apple unveiled the new imac Core 2 Duo;

July 27, 2010, Apple launches the imac core I with core i3i5i7 and then launches the imac Sandy bridge;

October 24, 2012, Apple launched a new generation of iMac2012 machine computer;

  What is the next generation of Apple imac machines?

October 17, 2014, Apple launched the long-awaited new blockbuster-the 27-inch imac, bringing a multifaceted upgrade, the most shocking, when it is its 5K super clear screen, the resolution reached 5120 x 2880, than 4K high-definition LCD TV screen resolution is higher.

Apple imac All-in-one Computer

The new Apple imac uses 27 5K screen, with the latest fourth generation i5 processor, the main frequency is 3.5GHz (also can choose 4GHz i7), the graphic aspect chooses the AMD Radeon R9, the memory 8gb,thunderbolt 2 interface as well as the 1TB fusion hard disk, Strong performance, the appearance of the previous generation of the imac changed little.

A new generation of Apple imac computer screen and hardware configuration performance stunning, strong performance, but the price is as high as 17988 yuan.

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