What is the commercial value of the free WiFi model?

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Let's talk about the three free commercial WiFi devices that I have recently successfully boarded.
Weipinhui. McDonald's. Starbucks. Bus WiFi
My idea comes from vipshop's wifi.
This is really awesome. The location for getting this WiFi is the train station, which is crowded and people usually have to wait for half an hour to get a taxi and set up brand-oriented wifi, there are still a lot of users. You just need to click in and activate a vipshop account, which will let you go. No matter what the network speed is, but this advertising channel is really good. Because when you log on, you must first face the ads of vipshop. In addition, there are exclusive discounts that increase the desire to purchase. It is an advertisement platform with relatively good results, which is not too big investment. The most important thing is that you will not dislike it because you have gained some benefits, so you will not be able to stick to people.

The second memory WiFi is McDonald's wifi.
This is, of course, to help users increase user viscosity and provide convenience. But the most important aspect of McDonald's wifi is that it has a small questionnaire. It is a great idea to collect user data while providing WiFi. In addition, the time limit for half an hour also controls that people's time in the store will not be extended by WiFi. Increase the table turning rate (eh ?)

The third is Starbucks wifi.
Similar to McDonald's, there is nothing to say, but the account applied for by Starbucks WiFi can be used within seven days without repeated input. It really cares about the user experience. Keeping frequent customers from these forces needs to be reflected.

The Fourth Public Car's WiFi
I remember there was a thing called the flash play network before the bus in the demon capital.
After logging on to the WiFi, you can only access the flash network of his home. You can watch some simple videos and news. It satisfies the needs of some traffic-deficient people. If it becomes bigger, it is also a good advertisement platform, ...... The content is too cold. And you cannot go to the Internet. What do you do if you don't want to brush the circle of friends?

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