What is the difference between a fool switch and a smart switch

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What is a fool switch? It is easy to understand the introduction is not to take care of its switch, connected to the network equipment can be used.

With the development of modern society, the modern "lazy person" also more and more, those who light, convenient, easy and labor-saving "lazy people" is more and more modern "lazy people" welcome. Today's switches are increasingly "goofy", such as the Omni-qs-5xx series, with Full-duplex, exclusive bandwidth and other advanced performance. All ports can be automatically detected according to the speed of the connection equipment, 10m/100m adaptive, can connect with different network card, adapt to different speed requirements. Using store-and-forward method, we can check the data packet's safety shaping and correctness before forwarding, reduce the unnecessary data forwarding, filter the network storm, avoid the possible network paralysis and performance degradation, and it is very suitable for the common link quality network environment. QS-508 installation is simple, intelligent web site management, can quickly identify access to the network members. In order to facilitate the user to operate and have a rich indication function, omni-directional QS-508 can visually and clearly display the network operating conditions. And with 10/100m self-learning, adaptive function, "silly" to let users no longer need for complex network application environment injury fine trouble, all the settings by the switch themselves.

The difference between a switch and a fool switch is introduced:

Before explaining the smart switch, let us know what a smart switch is. And how the smart switch works, what is the difference between a smart switch and a dummy switch? Both manual and programmable switches are meant to transmit voice signals.

As the core equipment of Internet café, switch can be regarded as the overpass of data transmission between computers. There is no doubt that the performance and capacity of the overpass will fundamentally affect the transmission rate of the whole network. For the Internet café owners, the switch is a relatively expensive network equipment, therefore, in the purchase of switches must be very careful to choose.

Buy the principle of Internet cafes owners pay attention to the stability of the network, high-speed, as well as the investment of funds, so in order to choose the switch for Internet cafes, should follow the following principles: stability is the overriding overall situation stability should be the purchase of Internet café equipment should follow the basic principles.

Intelligent switches are no exception. Switch performance can be poor, bandwidth can be narrower, but must not be frequent failures, especially not often drop the line. The reason is simple, once the smart switch fails. All computers in the Internet bar will immediately disconnect from the network.

"NET" is also a reputation. The intermittent network environment will soon bring consumers to competitors. Cost-effective is the goal of the owner "so that every penny is spent very value" is the pursuit of each operator goal. The principle of price/performance is mainly embodied in the following aspects:

1. Port density

With all the same performance parameters, the higher the port density of the smart switch, the less cost per port. That is, a 48-port switch is cheaper than two 24-port switches, so high-density port switches tend to have a high price/performance ratio.

2. Performance and function

The better the performance, the richer the function, the higher the natural price. In fact, because the size of Internet cafes is often not very large, a variety of network applications are not particularly rich, the requirements of network security is not very high, so, the general 100Mbps fool switch can fully assume the responsibility.

3. Consideration of differences

Some switches (central switches) are used to connect to other switches and servers, while some switches (workgroup switches) connect directly to the computer, so switches at different locations should choose products of different performance. Only in this way can we give full play to the maximum performance of each device. When there are more than 200 computers in the Internet café, it is recommended to purchase a three-layer switch as the central switch.

4. Manufacturer Brand

Manufacturers of switches are available in the United States, mainland China, and Taiwan region of China. Among them, the U.S. product prices are the highest, the most functional, the strongest performance, followed by the mainland and China's Taiwan region of products. Because the Internet Café switch does not need to have too many functions, therefore, mainland China's well-known brands are often the most cost-effective.

Overall performance is the owner of the pursuit of the switch should be harmonious, matching, compatible. The port rate should match, if the central switch uses 1000Mbps port, the workgroup switch is 100Mbps, then the 1000Mbps port is a waste.

The technologies used by different brand switches should be compatible with each other and follow the same international standards, thus making network management and technology implementation possible. In short, switches should be connected in a harmonious way to maximize their performance. Rational purchase, reasonable budget is a successful Internet café owners must follow the principle. Therefore, in the purchase of switches, should be based on investment and the actual needs of Internet cafes, seriously consider the following issues:

Intelligent switch refers to the network management switch, the fool switch is not a network management switch. With the help of the management function, the switch can realize various exchange technology, set up complex network application, control the user to access the switch, guarantee the network security, improve the network transmission efficiency.

The central switch of large Internet cafes should have management function, use to divide VLAN and realize the communication between VLAN, while choosing a workgroup switch usually does not need to consider the management function, can use cheap fool switch. 1000Mbps or 100Mbps.

There is no doubt that the 1000Mbps port can provide higher network bandwidth, more suitable for multi-channel concurrent access and multimedia data transfer, but its port price is often more expensive than 100Mbps 10~20 times. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a 100Mbps switch unless you have special needs.

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