What is the difference between a H67 motherboard and a H77 motherboard?

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What is the difference between a H67 motherboard and a H77 motherboard? As shown below:

H67 and H77 The difference is big, I want to buy a can use Ivy Bridge processor motherboard, is going to buy a new i5 3550 of the processor, want to know with the motherboard to choose which

Compare the price H67 and H77 The difference is very small, for the hardware of the computer, it is best to buy new do not buy old. Although the difference between H67 and H77 is not great from the specification of the hardware, H77 is more suitable for the Ivy Bridge processor.

Rapid Start technology technology, SRT solid-state drive acceleration technology are not available on the 6-series motherboard, may be ordinary users, or do not use solid-state hard disk users do not need to SRT solid-state drive acceleration technology, Rapid Start Technology technology is a new fast hibernate recovery system, and it is believed that most users rarely use this feature of hibernation.

Although H77 native support USB3.0, and H67 is the motherboard manufacturer selective collocation, but the later H67 are all support Third-party chip USB 3.0, which in the use of the Central Plains and third party effect is basically equivalent, need to install the driver alone.

The main difference is described above, if the price is similar to the proposal to choose H77 Bar.

The desktop Board chipset includes Z77 (us$48), H77 (us$43), Z75 (us$40), and B75 (us$37). The Q77 (us$44) and Q75 (us$40) chipsets will be launched in May.

Compared to the 6 series chipset, the 7 series will be able to support PCI Express 3.0 and native support USB 3.0. Among them, the 7 series chipset for the consumer market will support a total of up to 14 USB interfaces, including 4 USB 3.0 connectors. The CPU itself is built with a 16X PCIe 3.0 channel that meets the operational requirements for graphics and high-performance io. The Z77 and H77 motherboards will also support a technology called "Intel ' Smart Response Technology" (SRT), the SSD caching technology, which is now supported by Z68.

The 7 Series chipsets are consistent with the 6 series in SATA and PCIe slots, while the layout for overclocking has not changed--Z series can support overclocking while the H series cannot. All chipsets will be able to support HD graphics, and a shield-enabled chipset like P67 will be gone forever.

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