What is the difference between a server CPU and a normal CPU

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What is the difference between the server CPU and the normal CPU? Below we find a professional literature, quickly to increase knowledge. Overall, there are six main differences between the server CPU and the common computer CPU, so let's look at it together.

One, the instruction set is different

Home or employment computer equipped with the ordinary CPU, usually CISC complex instruction set, the pursuit of instruction set of all-inclusive, as far as possible to integrate a variety of commonly used functions to a piece, but the call speed and hit ratio compared to server CPU lower.

The server CPU instruction is typically a RISC (reduced instruction set). The advantage of this design is that it is more targeted and can be tailored to different needs and is more energy efficient.

Two, the cache is different

Cache also determines the performance of the CPU, because the server CPU on the operational performance requirements, so the server CPU often applied the most advanced technology and technology, and equipped with a 123-level cache, operational capacity is stronger. The server CPU has already used a level 3 cache. The common CPU is only in recent years to use the caching technology.

Third, the interface is different

Server CPU and ordinary CPU interface is often different, the current server CPU interface is mostly socket 771, Socket 775, LGA 2011, LGA 1150 compared to ordinary CPU interface, although many of the same, but actually with the motherboard is not the same. The motherboard for the server CPU usually does not have a video card slot, because the CPU's own core video card can meet the demand, and its CPU bus bandwidth is higher than the home CPU.

Four, the stability requirements are different

Server CPU is for a long time stable work exists, basically are designed to be able to work continuously all the year round. Server CPU compared to home CPU in the stability and reliability of the difference, the general server is 365 days on the run, only occasional downtime maintenance, the stability requirements are very high.

Ordinary CPU is based on 72 hours of continuous work and design, home computer in the use, we still used to keep him off the state, generally every day shutdown.

Five, multi-channel interconnection support different

Multi-channel interconnection is a technology on the server, for example, the server board can have more than one CPU slot, you can install multiple CPUs at the same time, this is the CPU multiplexing technology, this technology is only server CPU support, ordinary home computer, a motherboard can only install a CPU, does not support multi-channel interconnection.

Six, the price is different

Because the server CPU for the high stability of the design, in the materials are generally selected high-quality materials, and support the multi-channel interconnection and long time work, and the same performance of the ordinary CPU ratio, the price of nature is higher. In addition, high-end server CPU on the use of a large number of the latest advanced technology, more expensive, so the general server CPU prices are above the thousand, high-end server CPUs are in million above, or even hundreds of thousands of.

And ordinary CPU price is usually hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan, mainstream product price basically in thousand yuan.

The above is the server CPU and ordinary CPU difference, many friends may ask, the server CPU can be used as a home computer CPU? The answer is no, the ruler has short inch, both positioning and design are different.

Because CPU performance depends mainly on the motherboard and memory to fully play out, and because of the congenital design characteristics, many home computer motherboards are not suitable for server CPU use, even if it can be used, many times it is not guaranteed to play its performance advantages. and the server board generally does not have a video card slot, because for the server with integrated graphics can be, for the performance of the game is not required.

But in the home domain, the single show is an essential part of the HD game. So the home CPU design is more in line with the characteristics of ordinary PC computer, and server CPU has its own mission and advantages. Of course, the server CPU and desktop CPU can also improve each other, such as everyone familiar with the Xeon E3-1230v3 processor, is the server to improve the CPU, shielding the core graphics card, the main cost-effective.

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