What is the difference between a solid-state hard disk and a cache disk?

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What is the difference between a solid-state hard disk and a cache disk?

Using a solid-state hard disk directly to do a cache disk is different from directly using solid-state hard disk to do the system disk directly on the solid-state hard disk reading data, solid-state hard disk to do the cache disk is based on the user frequently accessed data, this part of the data is saved to the solid state hard disk for the next time to read the fast reading, the role of similar hard disk memory, But the data for this piece of memory will not be automatically emptied with the shutdown.

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So to sum up, the most immediate way is to direct the solid-state drive system disk, and the remaining capacity to install games or other commonly used software, so the benefits are most obvious.

Here are some additional information on how to implement a cache disk with a solid-state drive:

1 Smart Response Intelligent Response function settings before preparation

Start with the RST Smart Storage caching feature in the motherboard BIOS and set the SATA mode to RAID mode, install the Intel RST 10.5 official drive after the system is installed, then turn on the fast storage technology in the Intel Control Center and click "Start Acceleration" in the interface. You can start the Smart response acceleration setting.

2 Smart Response Intelligent Response function setting

The software automatically reads the capacity information of the solid-state drives connected to the motherboard, You can choose as a cache size of 18.6GB or the entire SSD capacity as cache space, of course, this cache space currently supports only the largest 64GB, if the SSD capacity of more than 64GB, more than some users can still be free to use as disk space.

Enhanced mode

Maximize mode

The software provides two acceleration modes, one for the default enhancement mode, you can increase the read speed of the system to the disk, while the other is maximized, which increases the system's read and write speed to the disk, but the data that is stored on the solid-state hard disk when there is a hardware failure and an accidental power outage is lost.

3 Completion of Smart Response intelligent response Function settings

Press "yes" to complete the setup of the entire smart response, and now you can feel the high speed read and write performance that smart response brings to your system. In addition, the point of attention is that Smart response currently allows only one solid-state drive as a cache, and must be connected to the SATA interface provided by the motherboard chip to achieve this function, and can only be accelerated on a single hard drive or a single array, while a solid-state hard disk must not be included in the disk array

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