What is the difference between the core i3 i5 i7?

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What is the difference between the core i3 i5 i7?

Notebook PC Mobile Core I3i5i7 difference:

I3 dual core analog quad cores (ie four threads) without core frequency;

i5 Dual core simulation of the four cores (ie four threads) except the core frequency technology other technical specifications and i3 the same;

I7 Four nuclear simulation of the eight core (that is, eight threads) high power consumption performance;

The performance gap between i3i5 is smaller than that of I5i7.

Desktop computer Corei3i5i7 different detailed:

COREI5 is a Nehalem architecture based on the four-core processor, the use of integrated memory controller, level three cache mode, L3 to 8MB, support turboboost technology, such as the new processor computer configuration. The main difference between it and Corei7 (Bloomfield) is that the bus does not use QPI, is a mature DMI (directmediainterface), and only supports dual-channel DDR3 memory. Structurally it uses the LGA1156 interface, and the Corei7 is LGA1366. i5 has the core frequency technology, can under certain circumstances overclocking.

Corei3 can be considered as a further compact version of COREI5 (or castration) and will have a 32nm version of the process (R-Clarkdale, based on Westmere architecture). The biggest feature of COREI3 is the integration of the GPU (graphics processor), which means that COREI3 will be encapsulated by the CPU+GPU two cores. Because of the limited performance of the integrated GPU, users want to get better 3D performance and can be added to the graphics card. It is worth noting that even if the Clarkdale, the production process of showing the core part will still be 45nm. I3i5 The biggest difference is that i3 has no core frequency technology.

Supplementary knowledge Points: what is the core frequency technology?

When you start a running program, the processor will automatically accelerate to the appropriate frequency, and the original speed will enhance the 10%~20% to ensure smooth operation of the program; When dealing with complex applications, the processor can automatically increase the frequency of operation to speed up, easy to perform more performance-demanding multitasking; When you switch work tasks, If only memory and hard drives are doing the main work, the processor will be in a power-saving state immediately. This not only ensures the efficient use of energy, but also greatly improve the speed of the program. By intelligently accelerating the processor speed to maximize performance based on application requirements, up to 20% uptime for high load tasks for optimal performance.

Second generation Corei3i5i7 difference:

The historical moment was founded again by Intel! In June 2010, Intel released its revolutionary processor second-generation Corei3/i5/i7. The second generation of Corei3/i5/i7 is subordinate to the second generation Smart core family, all based on the new Sandybridge micro-architecture, compared to the first generation of products mainly bring five important innovation:

1, the adoption of a new 32nm Sandybridge micro-architecture, lower power consumption, stronger performance.

2, built-in high-performance GPU (core graphics), Video coding, graphics performance is stronger.

3, Rui-frequency Acceleration Technology 2.0, more intelligent, more efficient.

4, the introduction of a new ring architecture, resulting in higher bandwidth and lower latency.

5, the new AVX, AES instruction set, enhance the floating-point operation and encryption and decryption operations.

The second generation of smart core family is still composed of Corei3, Corei5 and Corei7 three major brands, Intel according to the core number, core frequency, three cache, such as the basic parameters and hyper-threading, Rui-frequency acceleration and other key technologies to divide the CPU into the three major brands. I3i5 difference in performance difference is still not i5i7 big. For ordinary users, the choice of I32100 is undoubtedly the most cost-effective one of the CPU, the current I32100 price of about 800 yuan up and down.

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