What is the difference between WPS and office Office software?

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What is the difference between WPS and office Office software?

I. Software name and copyright

1, WPS (the full name of word processing system), text editing system, is China Jinshan software company produced Office software. WPS is completely free and can be downloaded to use all features.

2, Office products are foreign software, is the charging software. Of course, the domestic crack great God is more, but the crack is tort oh.

Second, from the software function

OFFICE is powerful, but WPS has been based on the "imitation" of the Microsoft Office function architecture, almost all office functions in the WPS Office is the same operation, while the small editors also feel that some of the WPS configuration is very user-friendly, use up very smoothly, It's in my habit. So if you can use WPS, Microsoft Office is no problem at all.

Third, network resources and document templates

WPS supports document roaming, which is really a handy feature for you in business office. You can download your Office files anytime, anywhere.

At the same time WPS software provides a lot of suitable for the Chinese to use the custom online template download, while the template can be a key to share the forum, micro-blog. Whether it is a holiday or hot event, template Library will be updated at all times.

Iv. Compatibility portability

WPS can now select storage format by default Save As. doc,. xls,. ppt files (Microsoft MS Office file type) can support open Office format files, in addition to WPS provides a cross-platform version of Linux. And WPS is only 1, WPS text corresponds to Microsoft Office Word 2, WPS table corresponds to Microsoft Office Excel 3, WPS demo corresponds to Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Small knitting favorite is the layout design of WPS. WPS and Belt features small series also fondle admiringly, small series feel very practical.


Although WPS has many functions, it corresponds to international. There is no way to open the other software using the WPS format. When using WPS, it is recommended that you save it as a common format for office.

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