What is the DPS file?

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DPS format file is a non-linear video editing software for DPS generated files that can only be opened with DPS

DPS Velocity Non-linear

* Product Features:

Fully integrated, real-time editing and production environment integrated DVD burning feature three/Four point edit feature 16:9/4:3 compatible

Direct output mpeg-1, mpeg-2, video CDs, DVDs, AVI, Windows Media, Realvideo&realaudio, Quicktime

10-bit quantization, 12-bit material processing 500 predefined two or three-dimensional stunts and rewind

Real-time light key, color key, alpha key fast packaging function can simultaneously achieve the caption of the roll, Zofei

Real-time DVE sports subtitles

EDL input and output (CMX 3400/3600,sony 9100)

Virtual file System (VTFS), supports BMP, IFF, RLA, TGA,

VPB (wide Thai format), RAS, tif, PIC, DPS and many other file formats

Lockstep plug-in supports 3dmax and Lightwave 3d animation software

Direct generation of video files and outputs

Supports animation without compression output

Real-time synthesis of animated files with alpha channel support

Bundled sound Forge XP audio processing software that enables real-time reverberation,

echo, noise reduction, various musical instrument effects, such as the processing of sound

Compatible with domestic excellent subtitle plug-ins, the realization of lyrics, subtitle mapping, sports functions

Support a variety of three-dimensional animation: 3dsmax, Lightwave 3d, Softimage 3d, Maya, etc.

Support Adobe Premiere RT

Network generation and video files

Compatible with a variety of synthetic software: Digital Fusion, after Effect

Compatible with a variety of effects plug-ins: 5D Monster, Ultimatte, Boris Fx, Inscriber titlemotion

• Fully integrated, full-time editing and production environment

• Mixed shear and crawl at different compression levels

• More than 500 kinds of scheduled real-time 3D, 2D, DVE

• Unlimited custom 2d/3d conversion and special effects support double graphics overlay in real time conversion

• Real-time scrolling, translation (support real-time, simultaneous playback)

• Real-time speed and speed movements and inverted, picture painting

• Balanced/non-balanced/stereo audio input

• 8-channel real-time audio, multi-channel audio mixing

• Direct-through video channel (allows direct live subtitles to be placed on video)

• Trim (3-4-point Edit in Trim window)

• Multi-image Library (bins) and material search function

• Hardware accelerated generation for multi-tier special effects

• Generate storage technology (memory generation for repeated generation)

• Unlimited key frame color Tuning tutorial control with waveform and vector range display

· EDL input, Output · RS422 control of full batch crawl and repeated crawl

• Multiple video I/O: Composite, Component and S-video (DV and SDI optional)

• Adjustable sync lock input for the entire system • Dedicated preview channel output

How to open a DPS format file

Non-linear video editing software is to deal with video: clips, add special effects, plus video subtitles and so on a software!

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