What is the needle-light mouse?

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Needle light technology to bring the three revolutionary changes in mouse products, which is also the Logitech technology, the key mouse industry Another major technology release, the mouse performance will be again greatly enhanced.

Break through the traditional, independent research and development, threesome new generation of needle-light engine technology, solve the old generation of traditional optics, laser, blue mouse over the boundary problem, dust problem and power problem, opened a brand-new technological innovation era, the needle light mouse can be almost anywhere to achieve accurate tracking, Any place means that it can move freely on any surface.

Needle-light technology brings the three major revolutionary changes to the mouse:

The needle-light technology has completely solved the problem of the mouse on some surfaces, such as the fixed, hysteresis, frame-hopping and trembling.

Old-style traditional optical mouse, because the optical hole is too large, resulting in light path long and power consumption, bright surface imaging is not clear, the cursor is not moving, the cursor jitter, which affects the smoothness of the mouse movement. Threesome needle Light technology abandons the tradition, changing the angle of light and light incident, after injection surface is vertical reflection into the light sensor, its light path short and light field strength, can easily capture micro-boundary features to make imaging clearer, improve the number of image features, the cursor control more sensitive and accurate.

Needle light technology to save the mouse power 31%.

Because of the second generation of optical "needle light" technology, is a short beam, light efficiency, the IQ value also increased, so the LED current limiting resistance can be raised from 33 to 82 OU governess, of course, the power consumption also follow the lower, especially in the dark surface, energy saving up to 31%.

Needle Light technology dustproof health care.

The optical hole area of the old generation optical mouse is very big, easy to cause dust to invade the lens inside, make the mouse performance drop or can't use normally, a lot of dust gathers also very easy to cause person's health problem. Second generation optics "needle light" mouse area of light hole than the previous generation of optical mouse light hole area 15 times times more, so as to maximize the avoidance of dust intrusion into the light hole, so that your desktop clean, away from disease.

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