What is the Tp-link ID?

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What is the Tp-link ID?

What is the Tp-link ID?

Tp-link ID is the Tp-link cloud router and cloud server associated with the "key", when the cloud router successfully login Tp-link ID, the cloud server "know" the existence of the router, the subsequent new software, new functional applications, will prompt the router. In addition, using the Tp-link ID can also be used to remotely manage cloud routers via the mobile app.

In the new Tp-link router in 2016, such as the new tl-wr886n added to the cloud routing function, set the interface compared to the previous Tp-link routers have a great upgrade, and added through the mobile phone to complete the Tp-link router first Internet settings and other functions, Features are closer to the smart router.

Tp-link ID Registration Interface

In simple terms, the Tp-link ID can be seen as a new feature in the newer Tp-link routers, a service related to the cloud, and therefore a cloud router. Tp-link ID is optional, users can register a Tp-link ID network account to better manage the router, but no registration and login Tp-link ID will not affect the normal Internet, but can not enjoy the upgrade reminders, application updates, remote Management services, Therefore, the general recommendation or login Tp-link ID (no can register an account online).

What's the use of Tp-link IDs?

Tp-link ID is the cloud router login Cloud Server authentication information, in the cloud service is essential, need to register on the router, login to use, the following is the main function of the Tp-link ID.

1, online upgrade router firmware system

After successfully logging on to the Tp-link ID on the cloud router, if there is a new software release, you automatically eject the upgrade prompt when you log in to the router interface, click "Upgrade Now", download the upgrade software automatically and upgrade the firmware, as shown below:

2, Support Online installation, update application Plug-ins

The new Tp-link router is more powerful, supporting the installation of Third-party applications and plug-ins to enhance the router's extended function.

Router login Tp-link ID, if there is a new development of applications, can be in the "Application Management" > "Select Application" to see the push information, click on the update, you can install new applications, the following figure.

Once the installation is complete, you can experience new features without upgrading the software.

3. Support App Management

The new TP link Router is also finally supporting the use of mobile phone app to manage, and more like the router.

Router login Tp-link ID, the mobile phone connected to any network (wireless, 3G4G Network) internet, download and install the Tp-link app, login Tp-link ID on the app can be remotely managed to the router.

In layman's parlance, Tp-link ID is equivalent to a network cloud account of Tp-link router, login tp-link ID in router, can experience online update system, install plug-in, mobile phone app manage Router etc.

OK, about Tp-link ID is what, what use for everyone to introduce here, I hope to help you, if the user has the need, it is recommended to register a Tp-link ID and login to use. If the router does not have a login Tp-link ID, some of the features cannot be used or restricted, but do not affect the daily use of the Internet.

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