What is the wireless signal transmission distance of the home wireless router?

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  simply say wireless router wireless signal effective distance is how much? This is unscientific, not rigorous, because the obstacles to the signal is not considered to block, weaken the situation. According to the test, in general home, wireless router signal can be transmitted to about 20-50 meters of distance, if the wall of the building more, it may signal to reach less than 10 meters away; If the indoor wall construction is less, it is possible to reach a distance of 60-70 meters.

What is the wireless signal transmission distance of the home wireless router?

Now most brands of home wireless router, the product specification on the wireless signal signal transmission distance of 100-300 meters, which caused a misunderstanding to many users, that know that the wireless router within 100-300 meters of the range can be connected.

But please note that the wireless router is marked above the effective distance refers to the theoretical situation of the transmission distance, that is, the wireless router as the center, surrounded by no barrier-free circumstances can be transmitted to the distance of about 100-300 meters. In the actual use of the environment, wireless signal transmission distance at all can not reach such a distance, will be significantly less than 100-300 meters in this range.

Regardless of other factors, the wireless signal transmission power, the greater the wireless signal transfer distance, the different manufacturers of home wireless routers, the use of wireless signal of the size of the transmission power difference, resulting in wireless signal transfer distance is also very big difference.

In addition, in the case of transmitting power, the effective transmission distance of wireless routers is not only the same in different use environments. The use of different environment, the layout of obstacles, how many are different, to the wireless signal blocking, weakening degree is different, the final wireless router signal transmission distance is not the same.

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