What is the error 503 in Service Temporarily Unavailable?

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Generally, the error "Service Temporarily Unavailable" is caused by a large Website access volume, which may result in a resource overrun caused by excessive traffic or high concurrency. One solution is to upgrade the space to a better configuration, or check the website system program to make it better optimized.

Error display:

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.


1. If you think that your website program is normal, you should consider changing the space because there are too many space restrictions and system resources are insufficient.

2. If there is no problem with the space, you should carefully check whether there are endless loops or memory leaks in the website program.

3. enable Service Temporarily Unavailable to automatically redefine to the 503 page

If the Service Temporarily Unavailable problem occurs, but you do not want to directly display the error page, you can specify this error page. You can use the following methods in Apache:


/Usr/prima/apache_ssl/conf/httpd. conf
Find <IfModule mod_throttle.c> and add
ThrottleMaxDelay 0
Restart apache
Add the following to httpd. conf:
ErrorDocument 503/busy.html
In this case, once the error message "Service Temporarily unavailable" is displayed, it will be directed to the busy.html page!

Supplement 1

In fact, it is generally caused by a large load on the web server. If you want to increase the bandwidth or use cdn acceleration for temporary solutions, the number of iis or apache connections is generally increased according to your own traffic, generally -.

Supplement 2

Service Temporarily Unavailable

1. This is because the bandwidth used by the user's site exceeds the set maximum.
In order not to display this error message, you can add a configuration in the configuration of apache (the most popular WEB server platform on Unix platform). When the bandwidth is exceeded, access is slowed down, instead of displaying the error message immediately.
Edit/usr/Prima (the most complete virtual host Management System)/apache (the most popular WEB server platform on the Unix platform) _ ssl/conf/httpd. conf, find <IfModule mod_throttle.c>, and add
ThrottleMaxDelay 0
Restart apache (the most popular WEB server platform on Unix ):
/Etc/init. d/httpd restart
You can also edit an html file that shows busy servers and put it in/www/icons/busy.html. Add the following to httpd. conf:
ErrorDocument 503/icons/busy.html

2 It may be that the resin (a free JSP running platform) Service has a problem. In resin (a free JSP running platform) 2, there is a prompt/etc/init. d/stop/etc/init. d/resin (a free JSP running platform) start
This problem may be solved after the resin (a free JSP running platform) server is restarted.

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