What is the future of the All-stack engineer?

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In today's rapid development of information, information update so fast, need a person to master a number of skills to the development of the Times, it is for this reason, new PA found the whole stack of engineers in the 2016 is very hot, whether from the search volume or from friends around the understanding that it will be a very hot industry, Therefore, the whole stack of engineers is a future development trend.

Around our lives, some people work in large companies, others work in small companies, different circumstances may give people different feelings. Big companies generally will train you to become an expert in one field, but small companies need you to know a little, so small companies like small and beautiful team, that is, the whole stack of engineers.

The new PA found that big companies and small companies in the problem-solving are different, in fact, big companies are focused on solving performance problems, small companies to solve is to survive the problem, to rely on some near-universal talent. In the work, whether it is the size of the company has overtime, this is inevitable.

What is an expert

Experts are in a certain area have their own unique ideas and solutions, in a field, others can not solve the problem you can solve, then you are experts, but want to become an expert is very difficult, need to pay is also very big.

What's going on in the whole stack?

The whole stack in some startups is more common, small companies need the least manpower, to do the greatest benefit, the whole stack itself is dependent on the ability of the engineers themselves, it is this excellent learning ability can let them access to a wider range of knowledge.

New PA Think all-stack learning brings advantages, learn more things, learning ability becomes stronger. As you learn, you are more likely to enter a new field. Therefore, the entire stack of engineers is a future development trend, new PA believe that in the near future, the entire stack of engineers will "fire" up. Well, the new PA has written here today, and will continue to share with you more new knowledge, of course, you can also focus on software development information Exchange Public Number: JAVAANDCP continue to learn more, new PA to "learn" as the goal, focus on technology.

What is the future of the All-stack engineer?

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