What is the IPV9 agreement, what does the IPV9 agreement mean?

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What is the IPV9 agreement, what does the IPV9 agreement mean?

According to the method of assigning addresses to computers on the internet using all-digital codes, the "Decimal Network", which is implemented and developed by the invention patent, adopts independent intellectual property rights, the IPV9 protocol based on Decimal algorithm (0-9) is used to connect the computer to each other so as to achieve the purpose of communication and data transmission between computers.

At present, the decimal network system mainly consists of IPV9 Address Association, IPV9 Header Protocol, IPV9 protocol, digital and name specifications and other protocols and standards.

The digital domain name refers to 0-9 Arabic numerals replaces the traditional English alphabet to do domain name the method to surf the net. At the same time, digital domain names can also be directly overlapped with IPV9 address. The digital domain name is an integral part of the decimal network system.

IPV9 protocol refers to the 0-9 Arabic numeral network as a virtual IP address, and decimal as a text representation method, that is, a convenient way to find online users; To improve efficiency and convenience to end-users, some of the addresses can be used directly as domain names, and as a result of the use of the original computer networks, The service of CATV Network and Telecommunication network is classified and coded, so it is also called "New generation security and reliable information integrated network protocol".

Decimal network refers to the use of decimal algorithm and representation, a variety of decimal algorithms to connect the computer into a network, and the existing network to achieve interoperability of a new network, in order to differentiate the existing network is also known as the "new generation of security and reliable information integrated network" or "Decimal network."

At present, Shanghai as the Center (Shanghai experimental Zone completed 12 km 24-96-core backbone network) through the IPV4 network through the tunnel connection to Beijing, Hangzhou, network test results are normal, to meet the expected requirements.

From the outset, the project has been supported by relevant State departments, especially August 10, 2001, in Shanghai, the Ministry of Information industry has supported the operators and relevant departments of the "Decimal Network standard working conference". and reached a consensus. In the same year, the Ministry of Information Industry approved the establishment of decimal network standards Working Group. December 2001 Ministry of Information Industry Promotion Division, agreed that Shanghai Changning District as "National information resources development and utilization of comprehensive experimental area" for the decimal network technology, equipment and further research and operation of the experimental base. July 31, 2002 Ministry of Information industry issued "Digital Domain name Code" as Industry standards (2003 included in the national standard-setting plan).

In the decimal network system, from the standpoint of safeguarding sovereignty, this paper creatively puts forward the concept of "sovereign equality" on the Internet, and adopts the decimal and multi-protocol Digital Domain Name System in the domain Name System, which is compatible with English, Chinese and other domain names, and maps them to the global unique IP address; set up distributed and domain Name System, The introduction of the concept of national territory, so that each country has its own root domain Name system to establish and maintain its status and image of the sovereign State on the Internet.

Based on the method of assigning addresses to computers on the internet using all-digital codes, the main innovative content of "decimal network" developed and implemented by the invention patent

First, in the decimal system, in addition to the computer and the network between the data must be binary, the other are using decimal.

Second, the same (with 0-9 Arabic numerals) Digital combination it does not only do IPV9 address, MAC address and replace the existing Internet English alphabet or other symbols such as Chinese as the domain name.

Third, the digital Domain name parser compatible with the existing Internet (IPV4 network, IPV6 Network) in English domain name resolution.

Four, based on personal IP address can be: Personal homepage, FTP services, IP telephony and videophone (computer to computer) and identity cards, tax invoices, logistics code and other widely used.

At present, China has two sets of IPV4 root domain name of the analytic ability of 3 million households/units, 50% of the concurrency rate. It can provide business services for domain resolution and interconnection of existing online computer users in China and the world. As long as the ISP will be the domain name resolution pointer to China's root domain name server as the first level, users can not change any configuration in the case of the use of digital domain name and English domain name, so as to achieve user-friendly, reduce costs, user-friendly access to the Internet and facilitate life and ensure network security.

China is the only country in the world that can realize the unification of domain name, IP address and MAC address into decimal text representation method. And also, after the United States, the second country in the world that has the root domain resolution server and the IP address hard to connect the server and the world second has the independent domain name, the IP address and the MAC address resource national and may independently carry on the domain name resolution and the IP address hard connection, and may the independent domain name allocation, IP address and MAC address of the country.

This project has been applied in the following projects:

1. The application of the digital domain Name System in the comprehensive application experiment area of the national information resources development in Changning District, Shanghai

1.1 completed the Digital Domain Name System, Changning District Science and Technology Commission e-Government network application project.

1.2 completed the Digital Domain Name System The application of Shanghai Changning District Adult Education College Network.

1.3 realizes the application of the digital Domain Name System in VoIP.

The above is based on the IPV9 protocol, by the IPV9 router to build a backbone network of networking applications and functional services applications. The devices used include: IPV9 router, IPV9 address terminal, V9 nat/pt, Digital Domain name server to support V9, etc. The realization of the IPV9 address allocation, IPV9 domain name resolution, IPV9 Network and IPV4 network interconnection.

2. The application of Shanghai Jinshan Telecommunication Bureau Digital Domain Name System.

As a network application of the basic equipment, a set of 3 million can support the digital Domain name resolution system responsible for Jinshan and the national digital Domain name resolution. Daily resolution of more than 10 million times.

3. The application of the related project of Fujian Province inbound and outbound inspection Epidemic Bureau.

4. Decimal Tax control system

The system is currently being tested. The main goal of the system is to provide a safe and efficient tax control platform for the tax control system of Fujian Province by using the IPV9 protocol and the digital Domain name parsing system. Combined with the tax control financial POS machine and the online tax system, and with the relevant units to establish a unified tax control financial POS machine standards. The use of independent intellectual property rights of the IPV9 address and digital domain name for each tax-controlled financial POS machine distribution address and domain name, you can do "one machine a number." Not only ensure the number of address and domain name availability and security reliability, but also ensure that the entire tax control system of information flow to obtain a reliable security guarantee.

5. The Ministry of Social Security has agreed to apply in the Tianjin Social Security Network.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security has agreed to use the decimal network technology in Tianjin Social Security net, this project has already started the Prophase project implementation plan demonstration stage.

6. Based on the decimal network 110 alarm system software, in 2002 after the development and completion of the mirror laboratory repeated experiments to demonstrate successful experience, the Shanghai Municipal Traffic Preparedness Office recommended use. Get good reviews. Especially in the fight against "SARS" began in April 2003, the monitoring system installed in Shanghai Wusong to the past passengers and vehicles of the real-time inspection, in order to fight against "SARS" made contributions.

Because the decimal network technology has the above characteristics, so the decimal network technology is particularly suitable for use in government departments, banks, public security, insurance and other departments (units) need to be highly secure and confidential, to achieve e-government, office automation, video conferencing, voice communication, monitoring and other functions, Solve many problems that e-Government and e-commerce can not solve in the past based on traditional network technology.

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