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The jquery UI Bootstrap is a CSS framework that integrates the jquery UI onto the bootstrap, and the jquery UI bootstrap not only leverages the jquery UI's powerful control library, You can also enjoy the Bootstrap, natural theme style, so more and more front-end developers are using the jquery UI Bootstrap.
features of the JQuery UI bootstrap
The-----is based on the jquery UI, so the controls are powerful and can use all of the jquery UI controls.
-----Based on Bootstrap, different controls have a unified look.
-----Free Open Source, you can easily download and use.

JQuery UI bootstrap use of commonly used controls
Here are some of the most common jquery UI bootstrap controls that are easy to use.

JQuery UI Bootstrap button

$ (' button '). button ();
Anchors, Submit.

jQuery UI Bootstrap dialog box

Dialog Link
$ (' #dialog_link '). Click (function () {
 $ (' #dialog_simple '). Dialog (' open ');
 return false;

Modal Link
$ (' #modal_link '). Click (function () {
 $ (' #dialog-message '). Dialog (' Open ');
 return false;

Dialog Simple
$ (' #dialog_simple '). Dialog ({
 buttons: {
  "OK") : function () {
   $ (this). dialog (' Close ');
  "Cancel": function () {
   $ (this). dialog (' Close ');

Dialog message
$ ("#dialog-message"). Dialog ({
 buttons: {
  Ok:function () {
   $ (this). dialog (' Close ');}}

jQuery UI Bootstrap date picker

$ (' #datepicker '). DatePicker ({

JQuery UI Bootstrap Menu

####### Menu
$ ("#menu"). menu (); 

The JQuery UI Bootstrap has many controls, which are not listed here, and you can go to their official website for download.

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