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The first step: Pick a good router

The first step to improve the speed of the network-pick the good router, well, it still takes a little money.

ISP operators will give you a default wireless routing, you may also spend 30 of dollars on the day of the black Friday sales, but it is not enough to fully tap your Internet connection. Spend some money to buy a good router, for the speed of the promotion is very obvious.

Pick a route to choose from the packet priority and QoS features of the product, you can choose which applications and which computer to enjoy the bandwidth, you can make the corresponding restrictions. For example, during the day you don't really want peer-to-peer downloads to take up all the bandwidth (editor: A lot of download software can already control bandwidth).

Installed enthusiasts can try to brush tomato USB or dd-wrt such router firmware. If you buy a router that allows you to brush the firmware, you can try to brush the firmware above so you don't have to go to the store to spend a lot of money to get new features like QoS. There are also router companies that simply sell pre-installed DDWRT routing devices.

  The second step: reasonable set up the route can greatly improve the network speed

Changing DNS servers is also helpful for routers, try using the Gibson new DNS toolbar, which displays real-time DNS servers with the fastest response to your host. If you know how to get into the router's management interface, you can enter the best DNS server address given by the toolbar, so that the connection speed will increase dramatically.

There is a free and easy to use cache proxy server called squid--no Linux system is available. Thanks to the ACME Consulting team, let's use the Windows version of Squid.

If you need to connect at the same time not a lot of equipment, the old Wingate also very useful. This free software can support three devices at the same time, but the interface is less friendly than squid.

So much, why use a caching proxy server? Because doing so can increase the load speed of some pages that are frequently accessed, while the connection speed of all access devices can be increased.

  Step three: Check your browser

Now it's time to look at your browser. The current version of the mainstream browser is faster than the old version last year, so which browser in the performance of low bandwidth access is the best? No browser can meet all your requirements, so you'd better try it yourself and then decide.

The old beauty opera most praised the off-road mode lets the user be able to experience the good connection speed under the bad speed. This pattern works because when you send a link request, the Opear remote proxy server compresses and optimizes the Web page. The price is that the image quality drops and the page elements may not be fully displayed. But this feature is worth sacrificing for the fastest-moving users.

Now the hot Chrome browser also has its own loading features to ensure a smooth browsing experience. But Chrome's approach is to prejudge what you click on to download the content, which gives you a sense of increasing the speed of clicking links. And the accuracy rate is good, which is no news, because Chrome's mother, search boss Google is too familiar with chrome users browsing habits.

IE11 also binds similar pre-read pre-reading techniques, with IE11 and chrome loading speeds comparable to most mainstream websites.

You think you want to do it yourself? then try Firefox. Firefox has a lot of extensions, and you can use About:config to test your favorite switches, and you can't see them (just remember to remember which options you changed). These customization options and extension tools can help you improve your network speed

Perhaps you can try to change a good download software. If you frequently download large files, you should choose a software that specifies the tasks you want to schedule. In addition to the well-known Thunder, Express and Cyclone, free Download Manager is also a good choice, the same recommendation and JDownloader.

More advanced techniques to improve browsing speed, such as VPS, can really improve load speed, and rental costs are cheaper than you think.

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