What is the normal operating temperature of a smartphone? What is the minimum temperature of a smartphone?

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The iPhone clearly stated on the official website that the normal operating temperature is 0 ~ 35 degrees Celsius; the optimal temperature is 22 degrees Celsius; the maximum temperature is-20 ~ 45 degrees Celsius. Of course, we know that the iPhone is not working so well when it is close to 0 degrees!

What about Android phones? In fact, most of the normal operating temperatures are between-10 and ~ 50 degrees Celsius. Quote the average smartphone, once the temperature drops to minus 10 degrees, the screen of the mobile phone starts to darken and enters the low power status; at-20 degrees, almost no power can be started, -The 30-degree screen and battery will be unavailable, let alone a lower temperature. However, it is generally a very low issue in China-30 degrees.

Next, let's take a look at the temperature impact of various smart phone components:

1. Screen (LCD screen)

Although the normal temperature is between-20 and ~ Between 70 degrees Celsius, but once the temperature drops below zero, the LCD screen will be greatly affected from the brightness and corresponding time.

2. Chips and electronic components

For commercial chips and electronic components, the operating temperature is between 0 and ~ If the temperature exceeds 70 degrees Celsius, the performance will deteriorate or even not work.

3. Lithium battery

At present, most smartphones use lithium batteries, and their normal operating temperature is 0 ~ 40 degrees Celsius, the limit is-20 ~ 70 degrees Celsius. Because the lithium battery uses electrolyte, the low temperature performance of some solvents is poor, and the high temperature will also lead to lower discharge voltage. Therefore, smartphones are delicate devices, cold and hot, so they should be used at suitable temperatures to ensure their normal operation. It is recommended that the operating temperature of the mobile phone be 0 ~ 40 degrees best.

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