What is the Qqexternal.exe process?

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Recently, a lot of friends on the network asked, Qqexternal.exe is what process? What does Qqexternal.exe do, and can the process end? Because this process takes up system resources, around this topic, Editors to learn what qqexternal.exe together, what the role is, and so on.

Process file: QQexternal.exe basic information file

MD5 Check code: unknown N/A

Process Name: qqexternal

Description: QQexternal.exe is a QQ instant Messaging client-related program for downloading display ads.

Produced by: Tencent

Belong to: QQ

System process: No

Background program: No

Use Network: Yes

Hardware Related: No

Risk Rating (0-5): 0

Spyware: No

Advertising software: No

Virus file: No

Trojan file: No

QQExternal.exe is the external application of QQ related processes. (The so-called external application, in fact, is a small web window) icon includes the personal data inside the tab and application box and the application inside the group, open an external application will start the QQExternal.exe process (each QQ up to 2).   Not all external applications need to start QQExternal.exe, and the external applications that need to start QQExternal.exe include: (Qq2011beta2, QQ2011BETA3). If you are using an external application, the QQExternal.exe is automatically restarted when it is finished, and you can end the process without using an external application.

Frequently asked questions about the Qqexternal.exe process

is ①qqexternal.exe a virus process?

Answer: Is the system security process, with QQ program.

Does the ②qqexternal.exe process have a big impact on the system?

A: This process consumes about 40MB of memory, and the CPU occupancy rate is high, which can have an impact on system performance.

Can the ③qqexternal.exe process be disabled or deleted?

A: The process can be completed, but also can clear the process, directly delete the QQ installation folder under QQexternal.exe, you can clear the process.

What's the effect of ④qqexternal.exe clearing?

A: Clear the process can be blocked Login QQ pop-up window ads, and can save system resources, but the disadvantage is that may cause QQ show does not show, in Friends and their own dialog box QQ show blank. So some chat mainly to QQ show as the first, perhaps like QQ show, you can keep this process. But this process really takes up a lot of system resources, and some low configuration computers are best removed.

Introduced here believe that we have a more detailed understanding of what the qqexternal.exe process, for whether to prohibit or clear, and so on, it is necessary to decide according to their preferences, here is not described in detail.

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