What is the reason for the continuous decline of the abnormal change of the website included?

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SEO in the Web site to optimize the most people headache is what, not the site included a sudden reduction or sudden rise, but unexplained continuous reduction, because of the sudden rise or decrease, often because you have a wrong optimization method caused, generally nothing more than encounter Trojan attack, Black chain attacks and their own crazy hair outside the chain or not in accordance with the conventional card-type content optimization, such as keyword piling and so on, but if it is a continuous collection of lower, then the reason is difficult to solve, and even can say, each site may produce different reasons, the following author to combine their own web site included a continuous decline for analysis, First of all, take a look at my site included in the table:


From this table, we may look out from March 1 to fifth, the collection is gradually reduced, and the number of the chain of the site is basically continuous increase, from the table, the chain is no problem, but the collection how not to increase, but will be reduced? is outside the chain for the site's collection function is not very obvious! It was later confirmed that Outside the chain for the site's collection, more is reflected in the weight of the site! So do not simply think that the increase in the number of sites outside the chain will be able to increase the number of sites included! And for the author of the site included the reasons for the decline after analysis found that there are three aspects!

One: There are too many articles similar to the content of the website

Because the author in the update site content, like to make some false original, is the title of an article to change, and released, and an article I can false original many, which caused the content of the site is too high, because the weight of the site is relatively high, so just updated the content of the site is often included quickly, But when Baidu filter, will naturally filter out a lot of duplicate content! In response to this point, the author has strengthened the processing of false original, as far as possible to avoid an article false original many times, as much as possible to update the original article, to stabilize the increase of the site's collection!

Second: The quality of the content is not high

The author because of the site SEO optimization is also a little self-confidence, so the content of the site to do a number of keyword piling processing. That is, a lot of content on the site, because the keyword piling up, resulting in poor readability, but to search engine feeling, content is also quite original, so at the beginning of the site content is included, but as the site jump rate continues to rise, Baidu will confirm the quality of your site content is poor, Naturally will continue to release the content originally included! In response to this point, the author later lowered the density of keywords, as much as possible to update some useful content to users, enhance the user stay site time! After several days of efforts, found that the site's collection began to stabilize gradually!

Third: The site of some of the Web site failure

In professional terms, is the site appears a lot of dead links, which for the site, is often fatal, because the dead link not only affect the crawling Baidu spiders, but also directly lead to the site content included in the decline! Because the author's website has used a collection system to collect content for some time, Later found that the quality of the collection is poor, not conducive to the long-term construction of the site, on the acquisition of the contents of a number of deletions, but the site directory on the original content of the link, resulting in a large number of dead links, although the site set up 404 death chain, but because too many dead chain, or led to the reduction of Baidu included!

To sum up, when the site content page is included in the continuous decline, more reasons appear in the content of the page, this also reflects the importance of the content, so keep the content of the page is very important, spiders are generally first to the homepage, if the content page and home page and column pages, then the content page of the collection is very difficult, Of course, the quality of the content page also with the search engine intelligent upgrade, also become more important! This article source: http://www.renrenjianfei.com/Everyone weight loss nets A5 First, reproduced please specify, thank you!

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