What is the reason for the high temperature of the motherboard

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What is the reason for the high temperature of the motherboard? How much is the motherboard temperature normal?

50 more normal, games, etc. in 60, or even 70 degrees (occasionally), generally more than fifty or sixty degrees that should take measures to dissipate heat.

1. Your motherboard temperature monitoring failure (sensor damage) caused, the temperature does not change.

2. Your host box internal cooling performance is too poor, fan aging and other factors caused.

3.CPU model problem: If the processor for Pentium D, especially the Pentium D8XX series, causes the motherboard to rise in temperature (especially in summer).

4. Deal with large software power consumption problems: running large software such as: Large 3D game graphics card and processor load will be the highest, if the type of software often run in summer does not have a good fan sound high temperature must be normal.

The main way to dissipate heat is by increasing the motherboard heatsink and chassis fan.

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