What is the solution for Firefox to play online video audio?

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Play video, audio need to give Firefox installation related plug-ins, if installed plug-ins can still not play, may be the Web page code does not conform to the standard. For example, the Web page written in VBScript, there is no solution (that is, Firefox can not play).

For web pages that meet the standards of the Internet, the appropriate playback plug-ins are installed to play properly, such as media Player 9.0,realplayer10.5,quicktime6.5.

However, there are a lot of online playback media web pages using ActiveX controls, this is IE proprietary technology, for security and other reasons, Firefox does not support ActiveX controls, this is probably not the main reason to play the Web page embedded media. There is not yet a very satisfactory solution to the effect. There are three solutions:

1, installation Mediawrap expansion. This is a small Firefox extension developed by the Mozine community. It can convert the ActiveX control way of the Web page embedded media into the Plugin way Firefox can support, so that Firefox can also play the same as IE normal Wmplayer, Rmplayer, Qtplayer and Flashplayer format Media files. Of course, your system should first install the corresponding playback software and decoder, such as Windows Media player and RealPlayer.

2, install FireFox Mozilla Universal Activex Plugin plugin. This is also the Mozine community developed, it allows Firefox to support ActiveX, installation and configuration convenience, and do not need to upgrade with Firefox, as far as possible once and for all.

3, install Mozilla ActiveX Plugin plug-in, also can let Firefox support ActiveX. After installing this plugin, you can solve some of the problems of embedded media playback in some pages. But there may be some security problems. There are some web code does not follow the standard of the consortium, I am afraid only to use IE to see. Note: The version of Mozilla ActiveX Plugin installed by different versions of Firefox is also different. Before installing this plugin, be sure to turn off the Obj-tabs feature if you use the Adblock extension.

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