What is the speed of telecom 4m? Netcom 4m Broadband download speed is how much?

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4m Broadband download speed can reach how much? I believe there are still many novice friends do not understand, many friends mistakenly think 4M broadband download speed can reach 4m/s, in fact, this is very wrong, some time ago also for everyone wrote a: How to test the speed of the network of n methods, Inside introduced everyone some test broadband speed method, novice friends have time to recommend reading, this article mainly describes the 4m speed of the theoretical download rate is how much.

Compared to developed countries, broadband resources in China significantly lag behind, according to the 2011 Broadband Resources report that South Korea is the most abundant broadband resources in the country, the average broadband resources for 30M, followed by the United States and other European developed countries, and we are more common is only 2M, but the current 4 m more popular, For high-definition movies, broadband 4M is the minimum standard, for browsing Web pages, such as general application of broadband 1M is also enough, of course, the larger the wide bandwidth, whether it is a game or high-definition are very necessary.

For the current mainstream, whether it is telecommunications or netcom broadband, the general 4M speed can be achieved how much? The formula for calculating 4M broadband is: 4*1024/8 = 512k/s, that is, the theory of the 4M broadband speed download speeds can reach the highest 512k/s, But in reality because the environmental impact is not possible to achieve this speed, then how to judge it?

The most common and easiest to judge is to use some of the resources of the download software to download things to see how fast it downloads things k/s, to judge speed. The most accurate way is to use the Thunder and other download software (download station is the best Portal station, Portal station server resources are sufficient, because download speed and server resources are also related to download a few small resources to determine, such as Download 3 to 4 mp3 songs, per megabyte (M) bandwidth download theory The best speed is about 100K, For example, your home broadband is 4M, then use the Thunderbolt the best download speed can reach 400K per second or so is very normal. Green Resource Network

Note: Here why to emphasize the use of Thunderbolt, because we know that the Thunder download things are very important resources, other related under full speed download software can also be, carried out is the maximum download, only the use of very broadband download software to maximize the mining network resources, When downloading things at the same time it is best not to listen to network songs or online games or browsing the web, which will affect the accuracy of a certain degree.

Introduced here believe that you have a relatively clear 4m broadband download speed, generally in the case of not running other occupy broadband resources under the theory 4M Broadband network speed full download theoretically can reach 512k/s, but in fact we can see download speed in less than 512k/s, can generally reach 400k/ About, belong to normal!

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