What is the uc Olympic hero card? How can I get the uc Olympic hero card?

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What is the uc Olympic hero collection card?

1. Let's take a look at the uc Olympic hero card.

Each Olympic hero has a relative introduction during the course of collecting cards, increasing the interest. Even though the mini-editor has always been one of these, the last time it went wrong, it was a hero!

In this activity, not only do you have the main line and branch line obligations, but you need to collect responses to the hero to win the prize. In addition, you can draw a lucky draw with 5 Hero cards at will. There are other hero cards for the prize. The little editor has obtained a Tmall coupon.
What are the hero cards of uc Olympics?
Uc Olympic hero card is divided into 35, including: Diving Dream Team, gymnastics Kingdom, table tennis magic king...

How to get the uc Olympic hero card?

2. How can I get it if I want to play it?


First, you need to download and open the home page of the uc Browser, and drop down
Then click "Hero Card"
Click "go to the Channel to find the Olympic hero"
Pull down the news and you will find different Hero cards
Click to go to "get Hero Card ~ You can also share it with your friends to gather cards ~ Let's see who finished the collection first.

3. uc Olympic Hero Card FAQ


From October 21 to September 21, after refreshing the content on the uc Browser Olympic Channel, you can click UC to customize a Chinese Olympic hero card. As long as a designated number of Hero cards are collected, the prize will be redeemed immediately!
1. Can both Android and ios participate in the activity?
Both Android and ios UC browsers can participate.
2. After the activity time expires, can the hero card be replaced with other items?
After the event time, the hero card will not be exchanged for anything else.
3. Can an account participate only once?
A mobile phone can be used as an identity to participate in the activity.
4. What is the main hero award?
The hero main line Award is now determined to be Meizu MX6 20.
5. If multiple of the extracted hero cards are the same, can they be converted to each other?
Sorry, this activity has no swap function.
6. Are there any restrictions on hero card redemption opportunities?
To redeem a prize, you must meet two conditions: 1) you have met the conditions for awarding the prize, and 2) you have still received the prize. Because the redemption mechanism is used, if you do not pay the prize after the card is filled, the opportunity for redemption may be lost.
7. Where can I view the collected heroes?
You can view the collected Hero cards at the "Olympic Games card" card center at the top of the Olympic Channel.
8. If these hero cards are not used for redemption, can they be used as favorites?
The card collection activity center has a "hero card pack" portal that allows you to view all Hero cards and open a larger picture one by one. This function is similar to a booklet.
9. What should I do if I have any problems with physical prizes? What should I do if I fail to receive my account?
All physical prizes are not subject to warranty refund. For product-related warranty problems, please contact the manufacturer directly.
The phone charge obtained by the quiz is online recharge by the relevant staff. If you do not receive the charge, please contact Alibaba Cloud customer service to provide the winning phone number. We will handle it as soon as possible.
10. Do I need to log on to the card collecting activity?
You do not need to log on.


Uc set Olympic hero card redeem prize introduction:

As shown above, when all your hero cards are full, you can redeem one of the Meilan metal mobile phones, and you are obligated to receive the following prizes: meizu mobile phone, Meizu wireless headset, and Meilan mobile phone.
8-12 cards can be flushed each day during the uc card collection activity.
Because the activity time is random, at least I have never understood it, but it is generally because you may have a wave at next day. On average, 8-12 cards may appear every day, and the chance of repetition is also high.
Of course, the above statement is valid from on January 1, August 6 to on January 1, August 21. However, you may have 12 pictures at on the evening of March.

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