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We generally refer to the width and height of the screen as the aspect ratio (Aspect Ratio, also known as the aspect ratio or is called the screen scale).

  Classification and characteristics

The feature of widescreen is that the width of the screen is obviously over height. The current standard screen ratio is generally 4:3 and 16:9, but 16:9 also have several "variants", such as 15:9 and 17:10, because its ratio and 16:9 are close, so the three screen proportion of the LCD display can be called widescreen. In addition, if there are more specific proportions, such as 25:9, of course, widescreen.

  Lack of widescreen

No one is perfect, Pu is imperfect and widescreen is also deficient.

1. The recent popularity of the 14.1-inch widescreen width and 15-inch ordinary screen width is the same, and can not be called "portable", only to reduce costs, the screen is a short cut.

2.14 point 1 inch widescreen font is small, the font is about 15 inch ordinary screen 70%, the vision is not appropriate, not suitable for a long time office.

3. Before the 2005 game support is not good, the picture flattening deformation.

  Overview of mainstream widescreen flat panel display resolution


1280x800 WXGA (Wide Extended Graphics Array): As a widescreen version of the normal XGA screen, WXGA uses a 16:10 width ratio to enlarge the size of the screen. The maximum display resolution is 1280x800. With a horizontal pixel of only 800, a 12.1-inch laptop uses this type of screen in addition to the average 15.4-inch laptop.

12 inch Laptop LCD Screen

Today, 12.1-inch laptops are mostly widescreen designs, with a wider screen width than before, so that the keyboard is closer to the standard keyboard design. As a result of the use of new materials, the weight of the machine is also more and more light, you can say 12.1-inch notebook has become the pursuit of the first choice for portable people, especially women friends. But the fonts are very small.

13 inch Laptop LCD Screen

As a wise consumer, in the anthology, will be considered in the context of the allocation of portability. At this request, it seems that the 13.3-inch screen notebook is the most suitable. On the one hand, it can guarantee the portability of the case, neither 10-inch, 12-inch so stingy visual area, while the full size of the keyboard can be used; On the other hand, compared with 14, 15 inch screen, this kind of notebook to a lot of light, at the same time the configuration is not inferior

14-inch Business Laptop LCD screen

14.1-inch products have been relatively popular, this size is more appropriate, the price is more reasonable. In particular, as a male friend, 12-inch notebooks are portable but not very compatible with them, while 15-inch or 17-inch notebooks, although used to compare the atmosphere, for those who do not have a car, commuting every day is a big test.

15-inch audio and video entertainment laptop LCD screen

The current market mainstream audio and video entertainment notebook for 15.4-inch notebooks, if the use of four words to describe 15.4-inch notebook, it is good, it is a focus on audio-visual entertainment users the best choice.  However, the 15.4-inch portability is relatively poor. 1440x900

17 inch widescreen Flat panel monitor

17-inch LCD is indeed worthy of the name widescreen. However, the resolution of this type of display is 1440x900, compared with the 17-inch Pu 1280x1024, because of the size of its own LCD panel, text size and clarity have fallen a step.

19 inch widescreen flat panel monitor

Compared with the 17-inch widescreen, 19-inch widescreen font clearer, and compared to 19-inch Pu, the proportion of its 1440x900,16:10 is also more ergonomic characteristics, to improve visual fatigue has a good effect. Data show that, in the home sector, the 19-inch widescreen display sales have surpassed the traditional 17-inch 5:4 monitors, but also far more than 19-inch 5:4 monitors (Pu 1280x1024), as the home market leading products.  In addition, in the OEM field, more than half of the computer machine for home users has been equipped with 19-inch widescreen display, widescreen display has become a standard home computer configuration. 1680x1050 In addition to most widescreen notebooks more than 15 inches wide, the current popular widescreen 20-inch 22-inch widescreen display also uses this resolution.

20 inch widescreen Flat panel monitor

The 20-inch widescreen resolution has only one 1680x1050. The 20-inch widescreen image is more delicate due to the small dot-distance relationship. At the same time, although only an inch larger, its application is much more than the 19-inch LCD display, and the 20-inch widescreen is more visible than the 19-inch widescreen view.

21 inch widescreen flat panel monitor

21-inch widescreen products, it has the same with 22-inch widescreen 1680x1050 resolution, due to the size of the display to make the point distance is smaller, the most intuitive feeling is that the picture is more delicate than 22 inches.

22 inch widescreen Flat panel monitor

Because it provides the same resolution as 20 or 21-inch widescreen, the layout is large, so the point distance is also large, thus more suitable for human eyes reading text, not easy to produce fatigue, more in line with ergonomics. 1920x1200

24, 27 inch widescreen flat panel monitor

24 to 27 inch widescreen resolution is a 1920x1200, can fully meet the 1080P video point to point display.  They are not only an oversized computer monitor, but once connected to a TV tuner, they can be used as a high-definition LCD TV. For gamers and movie enthusiasts, the 1920x1200 resolution is undoubtedly the most perfect. The player can quickly see the hidden enemies and traps in the corner, high-definition images so that you fully integrated into the game. For the film screen, the effect is the same.  More than 24-inch widescreen close to the 1080P HD standard resolution, so that the screen display larger, details clearer, delicate, more excellent color level. 2560x1600

30 inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

At present, the price of 30-inch LCD is still unacceptable to the average user, but we believe that it will speed up in the next few years.  Almost predictable, the computer monitor development to 30 inches can be regarded as the ultimate size, and then large is not suitable for use as a monitor. Big to this, and then use the HDTV standard 1920*1200 will not be, the particle feeling will be very bad, so 30-inch resolution up to 2560x1600, in view of the larger size, 30-inch widescreen text effect is quite good.

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