What kind of outside chain is high quality outside the chain?

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Survival and inclusion of outer chain

77 here will survive and included in the first place, because there is no meaning to survive, and Baidu is not included in the chain effect is not small. Therefore, we do not blind to see the site to send out the chain, you should first look at the requirements of the platform is licensed, if you are allowed to check the site other people's outside the chain, if included in the description we can also use this platform. SEO with such an eye, then the Sword Road Shongjing, quite a storm to the potential.

In general, the release of the external chain with its natural to avoid being deleted by the site. For example: you want to post a wedding price chain in a life forum, can be in a forum to send a post, which content "students, I just learned that the original wedding photography is really huge profits ah, the actual price only XXX, there is a photographic studio out of the store to the wedding costs exposure, links ..." Such content is a natural, and then a certain trigger curiosity, can bring drainage effect to the site.

The outer chain of nature

Key points: ingenious and flexible, elusive. The type of the website that sends out the chain should be wide, anchor text, the combination of pure text, outside the chain of articles to be changed, can not directly collect content everywhere; link words to change, link to address also home page and content pages take turns; the number of external chain to comply with the nature of the industry, the chain to increase the curve to smooth, do not fluctuate. Generally speaking, enterprise-class sites and personal blog sites, daily hair 10 outside the chain more natural, and more easily Baidu is considered cheating.

Stable outside the chain

Main points: Big open doors, momentum of the male-Michael. Send out the chain platform as far as possible to choose regular stations, major stations stable and durable and high weight transmission, and some small sites are also easy to play missing; we send out the chain articles must meet the needs of the object site and see the article visitors need to live forever; In addition, we recommend that you periodically change the ID, reduce the ID was sealed to bring huge loss of chain.

External chain of drainage

Features: Smooth and silent, to humble lag simple to win. Direct visitors through guided words or guided resources (q Group, data, audio video, consumer coupons, etc.). There is also a drainage, if you can contribute to the industry in the professional sharing platform, will be able to trigger other websites reproduced in the industry, the drainage object is other sites, this chain effect is the best, because it helps to establish your site authoritative and professional.

Flexible search for external chain platform

Features: Clear in the chest, the quick and brisk shot. We should be good at using Baidu Webmaster tools, domain command A comprehensive analysis of peer outside the chain platform, through the search parameters (such as: Intitle, inurl, filetype) to the Forum, blog, encyclopedia, Questions and answers, classification information, library, software download station, video station, bookmark station platform analysis.

Search changes subtle, we change as needed

Forum personality Signature outside the chain do you want to do?

It is best not to do it, easy to be considered by the search engine is the outside chain of rubbish. If you send a link to other people still have value, the topic posts or reply post content area can do link.

Why sometimes send a two months outside the chain also did not effect?

Out of the chain is not immediately effective, because the chain has effective period, you have issued a chain of 2 months before the entry into force.

Is the site outside the chain to continue to send it?

Outside the chain has a life cycle, so, everyone SEO students must continue to maintain the external chain, pay attention to the site outside the chain curve, timely supplement. If the site keyword has been done home page, SEO can focus on their own blog, micro-blog, QQ Group and other forms of high-quality content of the site to carry out the natural chain spread.

Finally, I would like to sum up the advantages and disadvantages of the foreign company.

1. The advantages and disadvantages of the whole station link

A lot of people in the exchange of links are very like to exchange links with the link to the whole station, because this can get a lot of outside the chain, which is its greatest benefit. But this is also risky, because, this will make your site outside the chain appears to be very single, lack of diversity, easy to be search engine punishment led to drop right.

2, the garbage link

Spam links are easy to do, as long as the use of SEO outside the chain to promote tools can be easily done. Although it is easy to do, but this link to the site does not have any value, not only the weight of the site and rankings have any help, and may even have very bad consequences on the site. This is because, once these spam links have been difficult to clear off, when the chain reaches a certain amount of time, will inevitably cause the attention of search engines, light is the weight of the site is a total station K.

3. The advantages and disadvantages of the forum's personality signature

I believe that it is helpful to enhance the weight of the website by the personalized signature of the forum now, but the effect is not as obvious as before. But if the personality signature outside the chain of a website all the proportion of the external chain is too large, it will also cause adverse effects. Because this chain is very unstable, easy to lose, once the loss of too much will affect the ranking of the site, so the chain we have to hair every day, once the effect of stop doing the site will be very obvious.

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