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What kind of website can static Baidu test, I also often ask, because do Baidu optimization is very tired, slightly do not pay attention to the rankings will come down, and sometimes really feel what Baidu is thinking, the algorithm seems to be changing every day, a will rank in the first, a will probably find out, can fall down a few is good, So what kind of website can withstand the test of Baidu, I have been looking for, recently feel a little thought, share out, see if it is so.

First of all, to be able to withstand the test, then we must have a certain status, that is the domain name of the registration time, the general old domain name Baidu will very much want to the higher weight, timely in a large adjustment can also guarantee the basic rankings, will not fluctuate big scary, I remember last year again adjustment, a lot of station rankings are gone, Harbin website Construction Related words, basically are the station inside the portal, or is a post, my station www.06xushi.cn actual situation design This station, the ranking basically did not change, it seems that the old domain name is good, of course, there are many old domain name they change very much, 媕 娿 is because other places did not do bit.

Second: The number of the chain, the more important quality, I feel like in the number of a breakthrough is still possible, if you want to have a breakthrough in quality, it is very difficult ah, so I suggest the existing number, I do not recommend that some tools to do out of the chain, there are forums, these are not very stable, perhaps when there is no, why? It could be the seizure of the account or the closure of the website, or search engine to reduce their weight and included, I often have some forum number is off, of course, the post is not, we may say why ah, I cheated ah, cheating sometimes can let a site quickly get ranked, I suggest using soft wen to establish the chain, It is best to have a good weight of the station, more I do not say, A5 and webmaster home know it, if every day can have a collection, that your site is not good rankings are difficult, and these sites will have a lot of reprint, so the effect is very obvious.

Third: Perfect in-station optimization, including links, links must be stable, not their PR is how high, including how many, I more value is stable, long-term cooperation, of course, the site itself can not have problems, such as the time by K, snapshot whether with, is my reference to the first element, The structure of the site must be clear, can not have broken chain, the title is my most important place, and describe the unified, then the site map, must have some, the other normal to do, will not be bad.

Four: The website update, that is, original, original is necessary, update also to form a regular, and then the good content does not have a stable update, it is not, we can not be updated several 10 days, even in the original, the search engine will also think we do not value the site, it will certainly not have a good ranking. Content on I will not say more, is original, original, in the original.

V: often to analyze the competitor's website, learn to compare, learn to analyze, know what the search engine likes now, do not over optimize, this is what we usually want to do, and then is to learn to analyze their own website and observe their own site, do not let the site infected with the virus, do not hang the horse, the server must not be replaced, we I suggest that the independent IP, dual-line space, without technical support, do not use the server.

Basically is the above 5 points, do not look down, want to get together very not easy ah, can be bigger, that no matter what keyword, ranking will not be bad, check that is the search engine do not want to do, haha, indeed, this 5 point stone will never change, is the search engine has been in pursuit.

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