What kind of site is high weight site first high?

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Recently realized that the original friendship link can still be sold, so often squatting in Webmaster Network Group, wait for people to buy. But often encountered this situation, some webmaster in Baidu after my station, always say, site home page is not the first, the weight is low, do not buy.

The problem is: site is not the first page is really the weight of low?

The author takes two stations to explain (not advertise): The first station, www.qlcity.com, as a result of the main use of two domain names, resulting in tens of thousands of stations, but site: only hundreds of pages of the phenomenon, although put a small program in the WWW domain name, but because there is no link past, so included very little. The last two weeks, the author began to optimize the site, and adhere to update a few articles every day, less than a week, it reached two hours Baidu can be included in the degree, and snapshots overnight. The early morning of September 3, Baidu Weekly small update, unexpectedly added 2000, from the original less than 500 to 2,570 articles. From this point of view, it is obvious that Baidu increased the weight of the homepage of the site.

The second station: www.iyouke.com, this April began to do, in fact, there is no good to maintain, or even one months to update a few, but still in June to reach PR6. This 6-August Baidu has been adjusting, the station at most weekly update. But the recent week, its collection speed significantly accelerated, published articles can reach 2, 3 hours, and snapshots overnight. The weight is high no, it goes without saying.

In fact, I have another station, at 10:39 A.M. released a message, and then go out, 12 o ' clock to customers that, found Baidu has been included.

2 hours can be included, snapshot of the site overnight, is the weekly update than the previous time, the weight has decreased it?

Since the search engine generation, its algorithm is constantly adjusting, the goal is nothing more than to meet the needs of users, so that users can quickly find valuable information. Search engine algorithms are adjusted countless times, can some webmaster why also adhere to the site home first is the wrong idea of high weight?

Today and Admin5 Bamboo tears Son exchange, I asked him site home first indicator is very important, he simply replied that no use. And give me a piece of his previous post, http://bbs.admin5.com/thread-649415-1-1.html, we can go to see, I personally think that very reasonable, site home not the first is precisely the weight of high.

In fact, we have a closer look at the example I started to understand the law.

Snapshots of the site are updated every day, indicating that Baidu has given a relatively high weight. And the release of information, Baidu 2, 3 hours can be included, indicating a higher weight.

Search engine is not only to let everyone quickly valuable information, but also to let users see fresh and timely information, this year from Baidu to adjust the snapshot time can be seen. As for my example site, the information published today is included, its site results arranged in the position of course to row to the snapshot of yesterday's home page above. This is not to say that the home page weight is low, but means that Baidu more humane. What will happen to tomorrow? First, the information collected today will automatically fall below, the homepage to ascend up, even back to the first place. If there is still included tomorrow, the new included will be ranked in front of the first page. Believe that the normal high weight of the site included, it will be such a cycle of cycling down.

What makes people feel ridiculous is that a webmaster friend actually said, your homepage weight is too low, the new page weight is higher than this. Do not want to use what words describe him, hehe, if the weight is really low, also will daily snapshot update?

Admin5 Bamboo Tears son in the post has been a site Sina and other examples, I also take to the webmaster did prove. The fact is obvious, the home page position in the first place, and the weight does not have much relationship.

In the end what kind of site is high weight, personal experience with some friends on the internet point of view, summed up as follows:

1, the first snapshot of the timely update, overnight snapshots of the highest weight. Is there a station for the snapshot of the day? I haven't seen it yet.

2, the published information is included in the time the faster, indicating the higher the weight. I have three stations can reach 2 hours will be included, a small score. (But the ointment is not hundred percent included, but the day was included in the rate of more than 80%) Baidu News source seems to be a quick few minutes can be included, if you can mix this, will be rich.

3, the site keyword in Baidu search rankings, of course, the higher the ranking, the higher the weight. I first station a two-level domain name under the channel, from Baidu to reach the highest 2000ip, are some long tail keywords brought. )

4, the website runs for a long time, the weight is higher. My first station can be included in 2000 is an example.

5, the PR value is high, the weight is also high, this does not need to explain, is the Google standard.

Send this article, hope to correct some webmaster friend's view. With the rapid development of technology in the network age, the concept must conform to the change. In fact, a lot of things, many laws, careful research, analysis, it is clear.

I am also in constant research, hope and everyone exchanges, common progress.

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