What medicine does the Spleen and Stomach Heat and dampness take? What does the body moisture mean? How to remove it?

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In the "six evil spirits" of the "wind, cold, hot, wet, dry, and fire" that cause disease, traditional Chinese medicine is most afraid of dampness. Cold, hot are easy to do, cold is warm, hot is cold; wind we will drive the wind, dry we will review dry, hot we will clear the heat. With the method of drying wet, may hurt the body, wet Xie is still not to go, so in addition to drying wet Chinese medicine, as well as wet, wet, wet infiltration and other methods to make up wet evil ----

Wet is the easiest way to penetrate. We always have to fight against other evil spirits. When the moisture is cold, it becomes cold and wet. When the moisture is hot, it becomes damp heat. When the moisture is wet, it becomes rheumatism. When the moisture is under the skin, it constitutes obesity ......

Why are modern people so complicated and difficult to mess up? Because they are wet in the body, the evil spirit in the body is always in harmony with the moisture in the body, it is unclear! How can I determine if my body is wet?

The most convenient way is to look at the stool: If the stool is not formed, the system will temporarily crash, the body will inevitably have wet. if the stool is formed, but after the stool is finished, there will always be some sticks on the toilet, it is difficult to rush up, this is also a form of wet body, because the moisture has Adhesive Characteristics.

If there is a secret, and there is no result in the stool, the body of moisture is already very heavy.
If you are not willing to check the stool, spit out your tongue and check the yellow box, it indicates that the body is wet. The more powerful the yellow case, the more powerful the greasy case, the more powerful the wet evil.

Some people feel very sleepy when they get up at every morning. They feel that there is a kind of west on their heads and then wrap them around, which makes them feel overwhelmed, or they feel that there is a kind of West in their bags, let people often turn and determine him
Body moisture is very heavy. In traditional Chinese medicine, "wet and heavy as wrapped", this feeling of being wrapped is the body's feeling of moisture, as if wearing a dry-washed shirt as awkward.

Wet evil is the ancient people safe and healthy grams of How to gather wet evil, eliminate wet evil, the body of moisture to drive in, both simple and convenient way is:

Coix rice porridge: Suitable for all to wet

The method for removing moisture in the body is very simple. You only need two "medicines ". These two medicines can be used for tea, food, and big answer. One is barley and the other is red beans. The two types of West, do not need to pay what proportion, each time the same grab a hand, wash and put in the pot to boil water. After the boil, it is a good product to wet and spleen-barley porridge.

There are a lot of skills and stresses in Coix rice porridge. Coix rice is hard, and red beans are hard. If it is put in a pot, it will not be rotten for more than an hour. If it is not done well, it will burn water,
Paste to the top. There are two methods I have proposed: one is to add enough water in the pot, boil the pot and turn off the fire, so that the barley and red beans can be stuffy for half an hour in the pot, and then add fire, the porridge was boiled for another half an hour after being burned. The
The two methods are simpler, that is, to clean the thermos bottles that we are not commonly used today, put the Coix rice and red beans in it, and then pour them into the boiling water, and compress the bottle's head with it, so it will be done every night, it's porridge as early as breakfast. This is a very time-consuming and frugal power, and there is no need to endure it.

There is a benefit for Coix rice porridge, that is, how to boil it will not stick to thin, always top down the rotten red beans and Coix rice, the effective ingredients of Coix rice and red beans in the light white soup are taoban in the soup. Because of porridge
Points, the water is suffering from a lot, these soups can be enough for people to drink for a long time, zhengjia can be used as tea to drink. For example, in the summer, I tried to finish it in the first half of the year, because I had to finish it in the afternoon. The barley and red beans on the heavy top are still usable.
To eat, if you feel that the taste is not good, you can mix it with sugar. Can it be either tea or dinner?

As for the function, the actual length is the same as small. Coix seeds, called "Coix seeds" in traditional Chinese medicine, "shenggong jicao Sutra" lists it as superior, it can be wet, this gastrointestinal, deedema, spleen and Yiwei, temporarily take Shen Qi. White
Bean, called "chixiaodou" in Chinese medicine, also has obvious effects of water, swelling, and Spleen and Stomach. Because it is white and white, it can also make up its mind. Ancient people suffer from high energy pressure and heart qi deficiency.
Less fluid, spleen deficiency and dampness. It must be wet, supplemented, and Spleen and Stomach healthy. It is not Coix rice or white beans. Make it porridge, meaning it is to make its active ingredients adequate for the human body to receive, at the same time do not give the spleen and stomach to form much bear.

The effect of "swelling" on barley and red beans is also very meaningful. We should never think that swelling is edema. I hope there will be at least five or six of the ten people in this age, which is also swollen and bloated. In traditional Chinese medicine
Yarai, obesity, edema, all mean that the body is wet, water cannot flow with Qi and blood, stranded between cells, so that the body expands quickly. This is also true for edema and obesity.
Not long. Very wet drugs or food can remove these stagnant water in the body, it can also reduce swelling. Therefore, red beans will be used to cure the swelling, and the opinion proves that Coix rice porridge has good weight loss effect, which can not only reduce
Fat, and does not hurt the body. Especially for middle-aged and elderly obesity, especially Hao

Wet evil is made into the basic of all kinds of slow and stubborn diseases in modern times, and barley soup is the best medicine for wet evil.

Some people often ask: "Why can't I cook Coix rice porridge? "
You cannot add rice to porridge during Coix! Why? Because the rice grows in the water, the dew has moisture and the moisture is thin, so the rice is thin after a boil. Red beans and Coix seeds are both de-wet, and they are not exposed.
Wet, so they don't cool off, the soup is very clear. Traditional Chinese medicine uses its clear nature to remove the wet body. When rice is added overnight, moisture is added, so the whole porridge is thick. Taste
Although it is better, it is not a good thing for health care. Because of the rice, all the red beans and Coix seeds are empty, and the functions are useless.

How do you get wet in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Thousands of years ago, the impact of changes in the image and environment on the body was reduced. "wet" is regarded as the key to leading and Improving the situation. In general, human body has a natural ability to regulate external temperature and humidity changes, but some people are unable to sort out the imbalance of the body water control system due to volume, severity, or poor life habits, therefore, security and health are affected.

In addition, the hidden generation has less activity, more eating, staying up late, and more pressure. It also forms gastrointestinal digestion and function obstruction, water metabolism disorder.

Body moisture is too heavy, it will make people feel sleepy, the body of four heavy, out of appetite, four body movements cold, skin rash, face viscosity is not comfortable, and even the occurrence of gastroenteritis phenomenon.

With traditional Chinese medicine, will apply fragrance, sweat and sweet and warm herbs, as wet baby. It is the intelligence of our ancestors to use plant odor to combat infectious diseases. For example, people from southern China carry the wormwood and bacteria with them to avoid infectious diseases.
Disease. Or at the Dragon Boat Festival on October 11, when the weather was set to "warm" or "bacterial virus", peilan, Shi Yu, and AI leaves were hung at the door of the Yeo households, which were used for bathing after being removed.

Hidden medicine has also found that fragrant plants do have anti-virus functions, such as star anise, which is caused by a sense of vaccine.

In addition, the hot ginger juice sweat, the most suitable for in the rain after the body of moisture, to prevent colds; bitter warm Chinese medicine Gan Jiang is like a slow fire, slowly will Body moisture forced.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: remove the wet body

But it is necessary to bring moisture in the body, but also suffer from self-improvement good career habits start. Traditional Chinese medicine falls in the following ways, so that you are nervous in addition to the turbidity of the body, heavy moisture, sinking new recovery God muddy air.

1st lazy sports

Exercise can relieve pressure, allow the body to transport people's living materials, accelerate moisture discharge in vitro.

Ancient people have a lot of brains, labor costs less, and long wait is in the air conditioning, seldom sweat, body control humidity can deteriorate. Try running, walking, swimming, seeking, and Taiji to activate qi and blood circulation and increase water metabolism.

2nd moderate diet

The best way to maintain nutrient and water metabolism in the gastrointestinal system is to balance your diet.

Liquor, milk, fat delicious and other greasy food is not easy to digest, easy to make the stomach bloat, inflammation. Dessert fried products will make the body produce peroxide, aggravate inflammation reflection.

Traditional Chinese medicine may suffer from cold food, carbon products, or cold vegetables. It will make the gastrointestinal digestion and reception stop, and will not suppress the limited amount of food, such as lettuce sand pushing, small watermelon, Chinese cabbage, bitter gourd, etc, the best thing is to take part in onion and Ginger during cooking, reducing the cold nature of vegetables.

3rd wet environment

The best way to reduce exposure in a humid environment in your daily life. Especially for those who are blind to moisture, pay attention to the following:

1. Do not directly sleep on the floor. When the water branch in the air lands and the floor is wet, it is easy to intrude into the body, resulting in four bodies of pain. It is best to sleep on a bed with a certain distance from the floor.

2. Reduce the number of outgoing visits in wet and rainy days.

3. Do not wear wet and dry clothes

4. Photo and excess moisture

In the body of more serious moisture diet when the main greasy, can eat more Coix rice porridge, melon, yam, lotus root, (eat more) should not eat spicy diet, not big fish, should not drink.

Traditional Medical Education de shixie

Traditional Medical Education believes that the summer and autumn are hot and rainy, and the moisture is heavier. The benefits of wet evil can cause disease. Wet evil injury has internal and external points, wet mostly by the image wet, standing wet days and disease; wet mostly due to cold food, cold melons and other cold things, the damage is caused by Yang.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen can transport wet water. The spleen is dry and wet. If the spleen is Yang, the spleen is healthy, and the function of dampness is normal, the dampness is not easy to cause disease. Otherwise, the patient goes to the morning after the person is ill due to heavy moisture
Head Weight, four body acid diligence, body weight and pain, closed section flexion and extension unfavorable, chest depressed, abdominal distension Qian, easy to vomit, loss of appetite, stool diarrhea, tongue thick greasy and other symptoms. To prevent and reduce the damage caused by dampness, you must protect the spleen. Only
The spleen and stomach should be excited, and the ability to effectively resist the invasion and attack of dampness.

In the summer and autumn, special attention should be paid to the ventilation of living rooms and agricultural sites; after water and rain, the body should be dry and changed in real time; do not soak in river water or swimming pool for a long time when the water is cooler, to prevent external wet intrusion
Muscle table injury. In order to prevent dampness, do not eat too much raw and cold melons, diet should be light and easy to digest, avoid fat and greasy and overeating. In addition, the appropriate amount of porridge can be consumed with lotus seeds, Coix seeds, red beans, white lentils, etc.
Protect the Spleen and Stomach and get rid of dampness.


Is your moisture too heavy? People to outside temperature, humidity and so on have conditioning to, but if their volume is weak, may have Xu disease, luxury easy outdoor moisture interference.

If the following changes occur when you are wet, the moisture in your body is too heavy:

Poor gastrointestinal, poor physical body, four bodies heavy, skin rash, spots intensified.

If the body moisture deposition, will induce Majesty wet and other diseases. Now we have introduced several good measures to remove moisture in the body:

Wet, cold, alcohol

Hiding from the "wet" Environment

Moisture occurs in people's human body. In addition to answering their own metabolic questions, a large department and environment are closed. The so-called external moisture induced wet, often in the wet, cold environment luxury easily lead to moisture intrusion into the body.

We recommend that you do not wear wet clothes or wet quilts. After taking a bath, you should have enough moisture to dry your body and dry your hair. In addition, we also need to prevent rain and water. Don't let moisture wrap your body. The sky is wet, immediately dry, so as to avoid moisture stranded.

If the moisture in the room is very heavy, it is recommended to keep the air fluent and let the air carry moisture. If the external moisture is also very heavy, you can also open the majestic fan, air conditioning, to help those appliances adhere to the air for the waste.

Avoid cold, sweet food, don't drink

The external environment is only the cause, and the internal environment is too wet. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the spleen and stomach are wet, so do not eat the food that hurts the spleen and stomach in an environment where moisture is so heavy. For example, cold food and cold drinks. Those who like to eat dessert are also banned, because "bitter and greasy wet ". In addition, the wine helps wet evil, and the wine is less thick than the Hao barley porridge, Huai Shan wontang

Remove moisture in the body, there are a lot of people often eat food can stop doing brave like barley, taste sweet slight cold, benefit water swelling, spleen to wet, roll ribs in addition to sputum, hunwarm pus and other functions.

He can also select white beans, Fuling, Huai Shan, Dangshen, etc., put in the soup materials, or pot into porridge, and boiled water to drink can be this urine, dehumidification. Especially effective for edema.


I. Advantages of scallions, ginger, and garlic:

Scallions, ginger, and garlic are the most common condiments in our homes. They add flavor to our dishes while still providing irreplaceable medicinal value. In the spring, when everything grows, you should eat more.
Onion, ginger, garlic, and against the body moisture, we can also test at home to cook a bowl of hot ginger soup with ginger soup to the best effect of the Body moisture forced out, when the body is sweating, the disease will be affected.
Slow solution. This method is also used to prevent colds after rain.

Two: the practical category of Coix seeds and red beans is narrow

Remove the moisture in the body. There are many foods that we often eat for use. Red beans are one of them. Red Bean, sweet and sour, spleen and diarrhea, Lishui swelling of the effect, practical for all types of edema.
Coix rice is a commonly used Chinese medicine. It has advantages such as benefiting water and swelling, strengthening spleen and dampness, removing sputum and clearing heat and pus, and is a commonly used Lishui osmotic medicine. It can be seen that the configuration of the two types of food is a continuous dehumidification
Good product. After being boiled with water, Coix seeds and red beans can be used for diuretic, dehumidification, and better performance, people with high moisture in the body should take tests and take the test. However, note that both types of food are beneficial.
Urine is not suitable for people with excessive urine.

Some foods will aggravate the moisture in the body. It is best not to eat, such as spicy, sea Chen, and light foods. The best solution is to select some greasy, vegetable, and fruit foods.

4. Exercise and sweat, directly intercept moisture

People often do not want to exercise because they feel the four bodies are heavy and powerless, but the more they do not move, the more moisture they accumulate. Really, through the process of motion, so that the body of the wet poison to sweat situation directly spread out, is the most natural and most effective method.

The National People's Congress for people with heavy moisture in their bodies is a minority of people who have a light diet and lack of exercise. The less activity they love, the more moisture they accumulate in their bodies. overnight, it will inevitably lead to moisture attacking the spleen, trigger a series
Hey. Is to add physical exercise is the trend in the end, through the process of exercise, so that the body of the wet poison to sweat situation directly into, is the most natural and most effective measures, along with the rainy season in various regions
When it comes, the weak person, children and people with chronic diseases should pay special attention to maintaining the body, do not be "defeated" by moisture ".

When the rain is wet, if you feel that you have symptoms of wet evil infiltration, such as physical loss, dizziness and fatigue, thin white tongue coating, upper abdomen tightness, do not read diet, mouth stick or sweet, four body heavy, poor stool, short urine, yellow and red, abdominal pain and other symptoms, you can use some stinking, Yin old, zisu, tufuling, glutinous rice kernels and so on to boil some bone soup or boil water alone, be brave in Removing Dampness


Diet with too much moisture

Clear Heat and dampness porridge

[Raw materials] 30 grams of chixiaodou, 20 grams of white lentils, Coix seeds, kapok, and seed seeds, 10 grams of wick flowers and 10 grams of Sichuan Takeo, 15 grams of chifuling.

[Manufacturing] the Sichuan region, chifuling, kapok, Wick flower wash water decoction to 2 bowls, slag and juice, to participate in the red beans, white lentils, Coix seeds, really co-boiled porridge.


[Efficacy] clearing heat and dampness. It is suitable for the cases that are caused by hot summer, such as unfavorable urination, poor stomach, abdominal distension, and other symptoms.

[Note] It is not brave to have a bowel movement as an interpreter.

Eat noodle hot noodle, let the body excessive sweat, can take the body of the heat of the evil.

Xiaoshu spleen and dampness Decoction


Jujube, red bean, ginger hazelnut, lentils, kudzu, bamboo, old skin.


Heat and heat relief, strengthen the performance of the drum and digestion system.

Bean Lily Coix rice porridge

Ingredients: 30 grams of mung bean, 30 grams of lily, 50 grams of Coix seeds, 100 grams of glutinous rice, 80 grams of sugar.


(1) Rinse Coix seeds, mung beans, and glutinous rice, soak for 20 minutes; cut lily clean and small;

(2) put the green beans and Coix seeds in the boiling water pot, boil for several minutes and then use a small fire to boil them to flowers; Add the glutinous rice and Lily, boil them into porridge and put them into ice sugar.

Xia Ling spleen laxity dampness model diet porridge side.

Silk melon salted egg porridge

Ingredients: 100 grams of Loofah, 1 light egg, 50 grams of oatmeal, 100 grams of glutinous rice, over sesame oil, scallions, wine, salt, a little rough taste.


(1) cucumber cleansing planing diced meat: salted eggs 1 boiled hot, peeled and chopped into small grains; chopped rice rinse and soaked to be brave

(2) Put rice in the boiling water pot, and then use a small fire to burn rice with flowers, put oatmeal, loofaine Ding and light egg grains, boil and cause porridge, add salt, wine, coarse flavor, scallions, drops of sesame oil.

Be brave in nourishing yin and Clearing Lung, benefiting liver and strengthening spleen, and shengjinzhike

Shredded Lily soup

Raw Material: 100 grams, 50 grams of lily, 80 grams of carbon sugar.


(1) cut the skin of the lotus root and cut the fine silk; cut the lily slices to be brave

(2) In the boiling water pan, take part in the silk and Lily silk, burn and then change the light to boil into the juice, coupling silk and Lily silk burned to the rotten, add Carbon Sugar.


Winter nutrient soup in which spleen Improves appetite and heat prevention

The sky is hot, and the diet should change with the image of the scene. To enjoy the benefits of diet in summer, you can choose foods with dampness and heat to strengthen your resistance.

At this time, the diet should be gradually converted into light food, eat more protein high-quality fish, lean meat, soy products, dairy products, etc.; should choose greasy and rich nutrients, and can reduce the heat and Qi of vegetables, such as Sprout, tofu, mushrooms, fungus, kelp, eggplant, tomatoes, and various green leafy vegetables. However, vegetables with sweet and cold flavor, such as ginger and chili, should be eaten less or not.

Hot steam people, the body pores open, sweating more, pay attention to fill the water, it is best to drink more cold boiled water; orange essence, pineapple essence, hawthorn essence, etc., can be used cold boiled water to drink, cold drinks such as popsicles and soft drinks should be eaten less. These cold foods not only have low nutrition, high calories, but also damage the spleen and stomach. It is better for people with weak constitution or diarrhea to eat less.

Specifically, eat more chixiaodou beneficial urine function, winter melon, lotus leaf can reduce heat and dampness, lentils can strengthen the spleen and dampness, bitter melon, bitter vegetables and other bitter vegetables with both heat and nutrition.

In addition, we should also "because people eat ". Some people suffer from cold constitution, and cold foods such as mustard and watermelon should not be eaten more.

Endogenous "Five evil" Pathogenesis

The so-called endogenous "Five evil spirits" refer to the process of developing a disease, the physiological functions of qi and blood, body fluid, and viscera are similar to those of wind, cold, wet, dry, and fire and external evil.

Wet turbidity, also known as "wet ". It refers to because of the spleen operation function (Operation of Water Valley and operation of water wet) and the loss of liquid body function fade or obstacle, resulting in Water Valley cannot be as micro and chemical wet phlegm, therefore, "inner wet" is mostly caused by spleen deficiency.

The composition of the inner wet, multi-factor body Yang Qi does not feet, phlegm and dampness; or because of the cold food, eating jealous, trauma to the spleen and stomach, resulting in spleen yang or temperament loss, the loss of its health and transportation job, cannot be for the stomach to stop its body fluid; the body fluid metabolism to produce obstacles, and the water is not chemical, together into wet, stop and phlegm, stay and drink, or accumulate into water. Therefore, spleen manipulation and dereliction of duty can lead to wet turbidity within the trap, so the answer to the truth to the big theory: "All Wet swelling Qian, belongs to the spleen ".

Wet heavy turbidity viscosity, easy to suppress the air machine, so after the formation of the internal wet, often with the different parts of its wet Xie block their different pathological images. If the wet Xie stays behind the meridian, then the symptoms can be seen as heavy as wrapped, physically heavy, or
Joint flexion and extension are unfavorable. The answer to the question: "All kinds of rigidity are wet ". It is equal to the muscles and muscles of the neck department. Due to the wet resistance, it is not soft, causing the neck to be urgent and the movement disorder. Chest tightness and cough if wet and burnt
Yellow; wet Yang zhongjiao, then the upper abdomen full, loss of appetite, mouth greasy or bitter, thick and greasy tongue; wet and lower Jiao, abdominal swelling will yellow, urine is not good; if the water is wet many, edema occurs when the volume is between the muscle and muscle of the skin. For this reason, the "issue. Six yuan"
Zheng ji said: "Wet wins leak; even water is closed and swollen ".

Gold plate wash mouse this quit Water Injection large intestine damp heat

Symptoms: fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, anal burning, or stool pus and blood, acute and serious, short and red urine, Yellow Tongue, smooth pulse.

Cause and pathogenesis: Because diet is not limited, eating cold, or diet is not clean, resulting in heat and humid heat virus evil invasion of the gastrointestinal, hot and humid heat accumulation, bet the large intestine, damage qi and blood.

Cold and wet spleen

Symptoms: abdominal flatulence, do not read diet, Pan evil vomit, mouth viscosity uncomfortable, abdominal pain and diarrhea, re-body sleepy head such as swollen, white moss greasy or tongue fat tender, pulse slow.

Cause and disease: mostly from cool drink cold, resulting in cold and wet stop in the center of coke, or in the rain, water, wet residence, cold and wet inner invasion of the spleen and stomach; or wet Sheng, spleen and Yang are blocked, resulting in cold and wet in the middle.

Spleen and stomach Dampness

Symptoms, or have a body hot up, sweating hot puzzled, yellow Moss greasy, pulse number.

Cause and pathogenesis: He Zheng is often infected with dampness heat due to feelings of evil, or eat jealous sweet, hot and humid heat, or diet out of proportion, damage to the spleen and stomach, wet caused by heat.

Hepatobiliary damp heat

Symptoms: abdominal pain, unwilling to stay, vomit back expansion, urine less red, stool not adjustable, Yellow Tongue greasy, pulse string number. If you see the outline of the yellow, fever, or turn a blind capsule eczema, or see the swelling and pain of the testicles, genital itching, female with yellow, red flavor, etc., is the liver by hot and humid heat.

Cause and pathogenesis: this evidence is mostly caused by external heat and dampness, or by drinking fat, hot and humid heat, and liver and gallbladder, or hot and humid heat.

Bladder damp heat

Symptoms: Urinary burning, frequent urination, urgency, or see hematuria, or urine turbidity, or there are sand and gravel, yellow and greasy Moss, the number of pulse or sembit.

Cause and pathogenesis: the disease is often caused by external dampness heat, bladder accumulation, or diet is not limited, hot and humid heat endogenous, bet bladder.

Gold plate washing rat self-pig Continuous Water Injection

Face color

Ordinary people's pale luster, indicating the human body qi and blood abundance, the function of the organs flourishing. The facial color of a patient changes the skin due to the notice of illness. It is called "Diseased colors". Common diseased colors are divided into five categories: blue, red, yellow, white, and black.

3. Yellow: Main wet syndrome, deficiency syndrome. Pale yellow and lustrous complexion are caused by spleen and stomach qi deficiency and qi and blood deficiency. In the color yellow such as orange peel, eye blue silk yellow wet certificate. Yellow and thin, mostly seen in the stomach disease; yellow and light is a cold stomach disease.


View form

The shape is the form, and the State is the posture. Through the process of looking at the patient's physical strength and weakness, we can know the internal organs, qi and blood Yin and Yang of the rise and fall, the degree of disease and prognosis.

1. view the shape

3) fat: obesity is not strong.

Body Type features round headers, short and thick neck, wide shoulder width, wide chest less circle, big abdomen, the body is short, more back up.

Fat and edible;

Fat and less food, muscle loose, energy loss, mostly spleen and stomach.

Fat humanoid fat Qi deficiency, wet water is difficult to follow, so much wet, if the stagnation of phlegm, is prone to stroke.


Look at the tongue:

The shape of the tongue. Normal tongue size is moderate. Abnormal Tongue can be divided into Old Tongue, tender tongue, fat big tongue, thin tongue, split tongue, Mango tongue, and teeth tongue.

Smooth tongue: The texture is too thin, and most of them are qi and blood running without delay, and the water is wet, most of them are deficiency syndrome.

Fat tongue: the tongue is larger than the normal tongue, and the tongue muscles are loose. Fat big tongue is caused by spleen and kidney yang deficiency, Master edema, phlegm drink.

Tongue: the tongue is pressed at the edge of the tongue. The tongue is swollen and there are tooth marks. Master spleen yang deficiency, wet and inner stop.



Pay attention to the change in frequency and color. The normal tongue is pale red and moist.

(1) pale white: Mostly blood deficiency or yang deficiency. Light white slide is a cold certificate or a cold wet certificate.

Tongue Coating:

Pay attention to its color and thickness. Normal tongue coating thin white and moist.

(2) White moss: multiple cold certificates. Outside the sense of the majesty of the cold began to stop the moss thin white and seed; In the cold evidence tongue also see thin white.

White greasy is the image of phlegm in the body.

(3) Yellow MOSS: yellow Moss is less heat evidence, the deeper the yellow, the heavier the heat. Watch evil spirits into the heat, the beginning of the tongue coating light yellow, the hot and sinking of the tongue coating deep yellow; hot and injury Yin Moss yellow; damp heat or gastrointestinal really warm stagnation, then the tongue coating deep yellow and thin greasy.


4) Hope tongue coating:

It is important to check the changes of tongue coating, such as thin, dry, greasy, and scalping.

The thinner and more greasy the tongue, the heavier the wet turbidity.

Thin coating: thin coating can be seen through the tongue coating. The tongue is thick. Since the beginning of the disease, the thick Moss is seriously ill.

Moistening dry coating: Tongue Coating wet excessive for normal coating, dry Moss, coarse dry coating. The dryness level of the moss shows the profit and loss of the body. If the tongue is red and the moss is warm, the tongue is red and the dry Moss is wet to curb Yang.

Greasy coating: the coating is loose, the granules are large, the tongue and tongue are thick, and the scraping is like bean curd residue. Fine Moss particles. You can see the degree of dampness in the Yang Qi. Most of the rotten Moss Are gastrointestinal or phlegm in the area of food. Greasy Moss is blocked by Yang, mostly seen in wet turbidity, or phlegm.

Peel and drop the coating: the original coating of the tongue but the department is peeled off and the stomach is damaged by Qi or yin. If the tongue coating suddenly recedes, the net light is like the mirror for the light coating, is the stomach Yin and stomach both damage critical phenomenon.


5) MOSS:

The color of moss is divided into white moss, yellow Moss, gray moss and other changes.

White moss: Multi-master table certificate, cold certificate. Thin white moss and do, Tongue Tip red for hot lung fire Sheng.

Thick White moss master phlegm.

Yellow MOSS: Mostly hot evidence, from the yellow level to distinguish hot heavy.

Gray-black Moss: The black moss and the dark ones. The gray-black moss is mostly a hot certificate, and the blackening the disease is heavier. Such as moss gray black and moisten for Yang Deficiency Cold, phlegm resistance, moss gray black and dry for hot evidence. Yellow: yellow and shiny, mostly weak spleen and stomach. The outline of Chen Huang is hot and humid jaundice (Yang Huang), dark yellow is cold and wet jaundice (Yin Huang ).



Inspection of the patient's physical posture.

If the shape is tough, the mark is positive.

Body fat, both diet reduced, mostly Yin deficiency.

Bloat on the face, to carry out rapid or evil cold fear of the wind, mostly wind evil attack, wet water stop (Feng Shui)

Lower extremity edema, less yellow food, back expansion that is, sputum, less spleen edema

Sleep: Sleep is very thick, often when the sky goes to bed. If years of high body deficiency mostly belongs to the mouth and kidney yang deficiency; obese mostly accompanied by back expansion, phlegm many, for spleen deficiency wet Sheng, hunyang did not rise caused

The mouth is not thirsty to take thirst not a few drinks: the heart is not thirsty, do not want to drink water is a cold evidence. When drinking water, the system vomit and stop at the stomach. If you are not thirsty for a few drinks, and hot drinks are mostly wet or cold drinks, and cold drinks are hot and humid heat.

Do not want to eat anorexia: do not want to eat or have no taste, low appetite, do not want to eat. For example, most of the new diseases are injury or external fever. If you do not want to eat for the moment, the spleen and stomach are weak. If you hate food, it is mostly seen in depression or liver and spleen dampness.

Taste, sdks are Kidney Deficiency

The quality is very good: During defecation, the anus has a hot sensation, the feeling of being down is spleen deficiency. Poor defecation is liver stagnation. It is uncomfortable to have digested food, diarrhea after abdominal pain is reduced to more than hurt food. If the yellow paste is uncomfortable, it is mostly due to damp heat solution to the large intestine. Abdominal pain, always want to diarrhea due to hot and humid internal resistance, intestinal Qi Stagnation caused by, is the symptoms of dysentery. Stool cannot be controlled, mostly because of kidney yang deficiency.

Urine abnormality: the number of urination increases, and the urine is short and red, mostly hot and humid. Temporarily ill urine clearance long and frequency, night urine increase, belongs to the kidney yang deficiency. The urine is not stagnant, drip out, the urine is not common wet or blood stasis, gravel obstruction caused, loss of evidence, if due to kidney yang deficiency is deficiency.

The feeling of urination is very good: Discharge of urine pain, urgency, hot feeling, mostly due to wet and hot bet bladder. It is rare in gonorrhea. Small that cannot control, sleep does not self-support urination for kidney gas is not solid. Incontinent is a critical evidence of death.

(3) hand and foot sweat: the hands and feet sweat, mostly belong to the spleen and stomach wet and hot steamed. However, the deficiency of true fever or yin deficiency and Yang is also seen in the hand and sweat, while the syndrome differentiation when combined with other symptoms one-sided analysis.

Diet Xi hot for Spleen and Stomach deficiency cold; diet Xi cold for the stomach have real heat; thirst cited drink, for the hot; dry mouth do not want to drink, mostly spleen wet Sheng; dry mouth swallow dry but drink less than a few, mostly Yin deficiency and false fever.

5. mouth light has no taste for spleen deficiency; mouth bitter for liver and gallbladder or heart by heat (fire); mouth sweet or sticky for spleen damp heat; mouth acid for food, food; the mouth sticks to the wet and sleepy spleen and stomach.

2. Dense stool, mostly Spleen and Stomach cold; diarrhea (five more diarrhea), for kidney and Yang deficiency; diarrhea for wet weight: diarrhea such as radiation, anus hot, for hot diarrhea.

4. The urine is yellow but less yellow, which is solid heat; the yellow is red and turbid, the urine flow is not stagnant or the urine pain, which is the wet heat of the bladder.

A heavy headache, such as being wrapped like a subject, is less wet

Cold waist pain, negative side, sit not reduced, when the rain is aggravated mostly cold and wet; back pain accompanied by a sense of heat, refuse to press or have a call pain, also see the symptoms such as urinary pain is mostly damp heat;

2. The white band is dense or nose, mostly due to Dampness of spleen deficiency or dejiao deficiency cold; the color is yellow and thin and smelly, and mostly belongs to damp heat; the color is gray and evil or has blood, you should pay attention to cancer. Original post ended
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Spleen and dampness

The use of supplements to temperament drugs to eliminate the treatment of dampness.

Spleen can strengthen the function of spleen operation, so that the water is wet.

Spleen wet method is suitable for spleen deficiency water Dampness Syndrome, card meeting color yellow, God tired force, stomach full, physically sleepy, diet is not, stool thin or diarrhea, edema, husband and daughter, white and greasy Moss, slow pulse and so on.

Common spleen and dampness medicines include Atractylodes, Dangshen, Fuling, lentils, sand kernels, Lotus meat, Coix seeds, and so on. It indicates that the prescriptions include Shen baishu powder and Fuzhi decoction.

The wet method of spleen is often used with the methods of fragrance and dampness, temperature and spleen, and Lishui infiltration and dampness.

Such as spleen deficiency and dampness resistance, see diarrhea, bloating and vomiting

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