What programming language does the software in different industries love to develop?

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Recently, Hackerrank released a 2018-Year development skills report, which explores some of the things that are critical to understanding the developer environment, and extracts the programming language rankings.

Internet, IoT, AI, computer technology constantly iterative upgrade, traditional industries have begun to internet, and armed with artificial intelligence. In this trend, what programming languages do developers in various industries like to use? Our various languages are ranked in different industries and look at the areas of interest for the 2018-year-old partners that are suitable for learning programming languages.

Overall Situation:

Overall, the current development language trends are:Javascript,java,python,c + + and C, whether after the new language superseding, Go,rust, let us wait and see.

Automotive & Transportation Industry:

In the Automotive & transportation industry, programming languages are ranked as popular:JavaScript, Java, Python, C + +, C #

Computer Hardware:

In the computer hardware industry, the boss of C language most operating system era, currently in the computer hardware industry is significantly higher than other languages, in the bottom, middleware application market, C and C + + are very small, c due to its performance, direct low-level hardware API and the availability of compilers across multiple platforms dominate the hardware. The Internet of things is still inseparable from the C language. The top three were C, C + +, Python

Financial services Industry:

In the financial services industry, the top three are Java, JavaScript, and Python, of which Java has been popular for many years in the financial service sector.

Government departments:

Government departments still prefer Java and JavaScript, which is more common in government than in other languages, and third, a fairly good result.

Health Care Industry:

In the health care industry,JavaScript ranks first , Java second, Python third, C # IV


Media/Entertainment/gaming industry,JavaScript ranked first , Java second, Python third, PHP IV

Retail & E-commerce:

In the Retail & E-commerce industry,Java ranks first , JavaScript second, Python third

Security Areas:

Security field,Java first , Python second, JavaScript Third, C + + IV, C fifth


From the above, not the same industry different programming language popularity is different, in fact, this is mainly by the programming language itself suitable for what to do, the developer of programming language should have no likes and dislikes of the heart, only suitable not suitable. So a language can not be developed, or even survival is mainly to see it is suitable for market applications.

Nonetheless, we can see some features: In general, but no matter what industry,java,python,javascript,c/c + + is a developer's preferred programming language. So it is necessary for developers to master these languages.

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