What shortcuts do foxmail have?

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Foxmail has a lot of shortcut keys.

One, main window

Receive mail for current account F2

Collect mail F4 for all accounts

Send mail for all accounts F5

Select all Messages Ctrl + A

Select multiple messages to disperse CTRL + mouse click

Select multiple consecutive messages shift+ mouse click

Find Mail Ctrl+f

Repeat Lookup F3

Write a new message Ctrl + N

Reply to Message Ctrl+r

Delete message (Put in scrap box) delete,ctrl+d

Delete message (not in scrap box) Shift+delelte

Empty the Scrap box (valid when the Trash is selected) Delete

Remote Mailbox Management F12

Open Address Book Ctrl+k

Collapse expand, current account SPACEBAR, Enter

Collapse All accounts ctrl+enter

Open message Enter with Read mail window

Mark selected messages as read spaces

Mark the selected message as unread Ctrl+u

Second, write the mail window

Send Ctrl+enter, E now

Save Message Ctrl+s

Undo Edit Action Ctrl+z

Repeat edit Operation Ctrl+y

Shearing ctrl+x

Copy Ctrl + C

Paste Ctrl + V

Select All Ctrl + A

Find Text Ctrl+f

Repeat Lookup F3

Replace Ctrl+r

Insert date and Time F5

Toggle insert mode and overlay mode Ins

Next Mail ↓

Last Message ↑

Next screen Mail PageDown

Previous screen Mail PageUp

Next Unread message Ctrl+u

Select All Ctrl + A

Copy Ctrl + C

Find Ctrl+f

Repeat Lookup F3

Raw Information Ctrl+i

Address Information ctrl+b

Reply to Message Ctrl+r

Write a new message Ctrl + N

Third, remote management

Do not charge CTRL + N

Charge Ctrl+f

Collect and remove ctrl+t from the server

Delete Ctrl+delete

Select multiple messages to disperse CTRL + mouse click

Select multiple consecutive messages shift+ mouse click, shift+↓, ↑

Select all Messages Ctrl + A

Iv. Address Book

Create a card CTRL + N

Create Group Ctrl+l

Remove Card Delete

Card attribute Ctrl+r, space

Open the Write mail window Enter

Create a new folder Ctrl+w

Find Ctrl+f

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