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1. How large is the radiation of the host?

Most people will care about the choice of LCD to avoid the large radiation of CRT monitors, in fact, many users do not notice that the chassis of the accessories (host) is also a small source of radiation. Some users will feel dizzy and so on after a long time using the computer, actually this and the host's radiation size and use is correct. For example, some users in order to give the host a better cooling, the two panels are removed, so that the function of shielding the chassis radiation is lost.

In fact, a good manufacturing, materials in accordance with the specifications of the normal use of the chassis (without the removal of the baffle) can be shielded to a safe level of radiation. Of course, the chassis can not be completely without gaps and ventilation holes, reasonable size of the aperture is a very important link. According to scientific research, the ideal aperture size is R/30 (r), which can not only take care of the cooling demand of the chassis, but also effectively prevent electromagnetic radiation.

 2. Is your chassis strong?

The chassis is strong to the stability of the host has a great impact, especially hard disk, optical drive such storage equipment, imagine if your chassis in a long time shaking state how to ensure safety. In general, a good chassis plate thickness should be at least one millimeter above, and the plate should be a special treatment of galvanized steel. Because galvanized steel plate with anti-static, not easy to rust and not easy to touch the advantages of fingerprints.

There is also a new type of chassis is the use of aluminum alloy materials. The chassis that use this material have a higher strength than steel at the same thickness, but the quality will be lighter. Moreover, aluminum alloy itself is better than steel plate, so aluminum chassis generally do not need coating. However, such a chassis is not without flaws. First of all, although the hardness of aluminum alloy is better than steel, but the elasticity is far from enough. Irreversible deformations can occur if stressed, and second, where most ordinary consumers find it hard to accept---aluminum alloy chassis are expensive.

Both of these are the most common types of chassis. But either way, the chassis is a very important parameter to the degree of firmness. Perhaps some readers have said "it is impossible to use precision tools to measure the thickness of the chassis when buying a chassis!". I am here to introduce a simple method, the general quality of the chassis are relatively heavy, and hard shaking will not have too much swing. Believe that consumers follow these two points will be able to buy a strong chassis.

 3. Transparent chassis selection to be cautious

In order to satisfy some consumers "beauty" of the heart, the merchant introduced a full transparent plastic material chassis. These transparent chassis can show the host accessories without reservation, and with dazzling colored lights, it looks really pleasing to the eye. But in addition to the beautiful, host as a long-term "intimate contact" with the electrical appliances, we should consider more about its safety and stability.

I believe that the reader has seen the author just mentioned the two chassis to purchase the main points, to buy chassis indicators have a certain understanding. But the transparent chassis is precisely at these two points did not perform too well. First of all, in terms of material considerations, transparent chassis can not be simplified

It is made up of transparent plastic and glass alone. And at the very least should be the use of acrylic sheet material. However, such materials can not be as hard or as galvanized steel. Furthermore, if a good electromagnetic shielding effect is to be achieved, these transparent enclosures must use leaded materials or vacuum metal coating on acrylic panels. Unfortunately, because of the cost, most of the transparent chassis in the market did not meet this standard.

In general, the transparent chassis, in addition to good-looking, there are few advantages to speak of. Therefore, the purchase of transparent chassis to be cautious.

  4. Does your chassis have enough heat dissipation capacity?

The overall thermal performance of the chassis is also a factor to be considered by computer users. Now the integration of computer hardware is more and more high, CPU, graphics, hard drives, such as the big Fever are also heartily "show their enthusiasm." If the chassis is not cooling enough, it will easily become a veritable "small volcano." Some users in order to make the internal cooling of the chassis better, in the chassis "before one, the next, side also a" loaded with many high speed cooling fan.

But can such a practice achieve good results? The answer is not necessarily. If readers have the opportunity to pay attention to the situation inside the server chassis, you will find that the original server cooling fan is not as much as we think. The reason is that they know how to handle the flow of air duct inside the chassis. Under normal circumstances, ordinary users simply follow the front (if the control of the outlet in the hard disk location will be better, but more dust point) into the wind, the rear wind (generally behind the CPU fan) the principle is enough.

It is a matter of opinion as to whether the wind shield is required on the side bezel (and also on the CPU fan). However, the 38-degree chassis in the market is usually the principle of this, the author believes that only a truly 38-degree chassis standard products are suitable to use such a practice. This may backfire if it is an ordinary chassis product.

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