What should I do if a white screen fails on the USB drive system?

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Recently, small series found a phenomenon, many friends in the reinstallation of the system or installation system, will tend to use a U disk system, whether this is a trend or a habit, we have to say, U disk installed system has become a popular way to the public. However, although this form is good, but also inevitably encounter some problems, such as a friend mentioned, in the installation of the system when encountered white screen fault, such a problem, how can we solve it?

1. Before we say the solution, let's analyze the reasons for the white screen of the installation system. First, it may be caused by a problem with the USB interface. USB interface Bad contact or cause the USB stick can not be very good read, so there will be white screen failure.

WORKAROUND: Replace the USB interface, if it is a desktop, small series recommended that you use the socket behind the chassis connection.

2. Monitor failure

Solution: If it is a display failure, may be based on our ability to repair is a certain difficulty, because we are not professional people, if there are conditions, we suggest you change a monitor to try.

3.U disk quality problem. Many USB stick itself has quality problems, it will lead to slow reading speed and so on, resulting in the installation of the system failure.

WORKAROUND: Change the USB flash drive for operation.

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