What should I pay attention to during the operation of the ceramic UV inkjet printer?

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CeramicsUVWhat should I pay attention to during the operations of the inkjet printer?

CeramicsUVInkjet PrinterThe most important part is the nozzle. It is the most important part of all machine accessories. If the main board is the leader of the human brain to control all programs, the nozzle is the human heart, and people need to run it all the time.

Therefore, CeramicsUVThe maintenance and protection of the sprinkler must be in place. The amount of information about nozzle maintenance is large. If you are not familiar with typing, contact me directly.18565698856Mr. Hao

The second is the motherboard of the machine. In this regard, we need to purchase the motherboard of the machine. The manufacturers of the machines do not make their own mainboards. They are all purchased from outside.

The third is the frame that many people will ignore. ceramics have a certain weight. The solid and reliable rack not only delivers stable performance. In addition, the machine has a lot of durability.

UV is also available.Color printerGlassUVPrinterUniversal printer, digital printing machine, etc.


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