What software is Lightroom?

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What software is Lightroom?


June 10, 2013, Adobe officially released the Photoshop Lightroom 5, the price is 149 U.S. dollars.

The official version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, officially released in the second month after the beta release, is a strong competitor for Apple Aperture, a professional photo management and processing software developed by Adobe for Mac and Windows users.

Adobe released Photoshop Lightroom 5 is an efficient software for professional photographers to input, select, modify, and display a large number of digital images, so that users can spend less time sorting and perfecting photos. Its interface is clean and tidy, allowing users to quickly browse and modify perfect photos and thousands of pictures.


Lightroom is an important post-production tool, interface and function and Apple October 2005 launched the Aperture 1.0 quite similar to the digital photography, graphic design professionals and high-end users, supporting a variety of raw images, mainly for digital photos browsing, editing, sorting, printing and so on.

Lightroom has a lot in common with Photoshop, but the positioning is different, and many of the features on Photoshop, such as selection tools, photo flaw correction tools, multiple file compositing tools, text tools, and filters, are not available. Lightroom

At the same time, Windows version of Lightroom also loses some of the features of Mac OS X, such as slide background music, camera and memory card monitoring, HTML-formatted slide-creation tools, and more. After Adobe acquired the Danish digital photo software company Pixmantec APS, it acquired the Rawshooter software for digital photography, and its workflow management, processing technology, etc. have been integrated into the Windows version of Lightroom.

Adobe has officially released Photoshop Lightroom 4 software, Lightroom 4 has added a book and map module to the previous generation, offering features such as album Making and tagging, and enhanced support for video files. [2]

Lightroom-supported cameras, depending on the version, support the camera is also different, Lightroom will be updated according to the camera, constantly update their product software upgrades.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can quickly import and manage photos that are loved by photographers who can greatly improve the efficiency of photographers.

1, upgrade version of the repair brush: Only one can clear the dispersed interference elements, adjust the size of the brush, and along the precise route movement, all unwanted items or flaws can be cleared.

2, upright tool (vertical tool): Only a point can be decomposed into automatic horizontal vision, building-like objects upright to correct the trapezoidal distortion effect.

3, Radialgradient tool (Radial gradient tool): more flexible to highlight important elements in the photo, you can create a deviation from the central point of effect, or multiple virtual light effects.

4, Smart Previews (Smart Preview): By creating a smaller alias file named Smart Previews, the user can edit the image without the initial file.

5, photo album production function Upgrade: To be able to more effective production and choreography of exquisite photo album. Lightroom provides a lot of easy-to-use photo set template, you can edit these templates arbitrarily, make personalized photo album, easy to be able to do a good photo album upload printing.

6. Video slideshow: Users can incorporate static images, video clips, and music into a high-definition video slide, which can be played on any computer or device [3]

Version information:

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 from the public beta to the June 10, 2013 release of the official version only 2 months, the professional photo management and processing software finally meet with us, in the function of more than V4 has improved, It mainly enhances the healing brush feature as well as the new vertical tool (upright tool), while the V5 version no longer supports Windows XP systems.

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