What software is Dropbox?

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What software is Dropbox?

Dropbox the software is more than 100 million users worldwide. Dropbox has the functions of file synchronization, backup, sharing and so on. By Dropbox, sharing files between the two computers becomes very handy.

Dropbox is a networked storage online application that provides synchronization of local files. Supports automatic synchronization of multiple computers in multiple operations. And can be used as a large capacity network hard disk. Dropbox uses the free Trial + Advanced service charge freemium mode, the initial 2GB space free, then need to pay monthly storage costs. For users who are already getting convenience from Dropbox, when synchronization requirements increase, they tend to pay more to continue using than if they all transfer documents. Importantly, because of the nature of cloud services, the cost of Dropbox storage will be infinitely diluted. Dropbox, founded in 2007, is growing at a rate of 10 times times a year.

Dropbox how to use?

Dropboxportableahk (Network Sharing tool) is a good file, data synchronization and sharing tools, Dropbox using SSL transmission data, can be in many computers and platforms automatically synchronized, is one of the most popular cloud network disk. In addition to the network hard disk file synchronization function, a little association, Dropbox can do more for you.

1. Sync Chat Record

Many chat software support to change the default chat record save location, then, the chat record in the Dropbox folder, you realize the chat record roaming. QQ also has the function of roaming chat records, but only to QQ members open.

2. Game Archive

You can put the game on the Dropbox, so where to play can be followed by the last progress, so play a stand-alone game can be stored in 3.5-inch floppy disk or USB disk to facilitate.

3. Folder

The folder where a project needs to be operated is placed in the Dropbox folder, and you can continue working at home and on the road. This is especially effective for teamwork, which you can see when other members start working on the document.

4. Team Collaboration

For example, video production, can be a person responsible for capturing video, and then dropped into the Dropbox shared folder, a person in another place can be edited, completed Dropbox will automatically, fast synchronization. Then, someone else could be responsible for sending the good video to YouTube.

5. Can automatically scan the application of the folder

You can at work or other inconvenient time to put the favorite BT seeds in the Dropbox folder, and in advance on the home computer set up BitTorrent monitor the corresponding synchronization folder. When you come home from work, all the videos have been downloaded automatically.

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