What to do if a local connection is restricted or connectionless

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  First , local connection: start/set/network connection/Click Local Area Connection/Properties/general/Double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)/Properties/select Use the following IP address (for reference, you can fill in another): IP address: Subnet Mask: default gateway:

Use the following DNS server address preferred:, and finally click OK.

  Second, broadband connection: Right-click Broadband Connection/attribute/network/select Automatically get IP address/OK. Local Area Network failure diagnosis method The single computer in the LAN can not be diagnosed on the internet as follows:

1 The first to determine whether a single computer can not access the Internet or the local area network all computers are not able to access the Internet. If a single computer is not available on the Internet, in the Windows xp/2000 operating system, click Start/All Programs/attachments/communications/network connection commands to open the Network Connections window (or you can right-click on the online Neighborhood icon to select the Properties command).

2) Then check the status of the "local connection". If the local connection of the icon is two small computer shiny, hint "connected", which represents from the switch hub to the computer line is normal, the basic network card can work normally, not the internet is due to improper operating system or software restrictions, and other reasons. Ping the remote host ping, see whether Ping, if you can ping general instructions to the network connection normal, and then check the computer firewall settings, proxy server settings.

3 If the ping does not pass, it may be a network protocol configuration issue. Check the computer IP address, gateway, DNS and other configuration.

4 if the Local Area Connection icon in the Network Connections window is grayed out, the local Area connection (NIC) is disabled, and you only need to double-click the Local Area Connection icon to re-enable it.

5 If the local connection icon in the Network Connections window prompts the local cable to be unplugged, the cable connector of the switch or hub to the user's network card is loose or there is a problem with the network cable, then check if the network cable is in good contact, and then check the network cable.

  third, "Local connection limited or no connection" in the taskbar whether the background is yellow (! ), has no effect on the Internet. If you feel uncomfortable, you can remove! Method: Double-click the local connection icon--Properties--To remove the "Notify me when this connection is restricted or disconnected" check-OK.


In fact, if you do not remove the check mark, the connection is restricted or disconnected, a notification prompt appears without a notification indicating that the connection is not restricted or connectionless.

However, if you set fixed IP and DNS on the local connection properties, you can speed up your network connection. The broadband connection is set to Automatic.

  To set the Connection property method:

(1) Local Area Connection: Start-connect to-show all connections-right-click Local Connection-Properties-general-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)--Properties-Select the following IP address (for reference, or optionally fill in):

IP Address: 223. 223. 223. 222

Subnet Mask: 255. 255. 255. 0

Default gateway: 123.122. 124. 4

DNS server address:

Preferred DNS server: 123. 122. 122. 112

Alternate DNS servers: 123. 123. 123. 123

When you are ready, click OK.

(2) Broadband connection: Right-click Broadband Connection-Properties-network-select automatically get IP address-OK.

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