What to do if you have an error after Diablo 3 update

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Recently many players have updated the Diablo 3 official website release update patch v., discovered error_37 and the auction house question.

About this update, many players have encountered the problem of error_37, the Blue Post explained that the update, the server has been too large landing traffic impact on the server to make the limit flow caused. Players only need to wait patiently and then try to log in later.


We learned that many players receive error 37 errors when they log on to the game. This error message indicates that the authentication service (that is, verifying your username and password and checking to see if you agree to use the terms) is in a high flow state and cannot immediately handle the player's landing. We will deal with this problem as soon as possible so that players can reduce the number of times they see this prompt and return to the game as soon as possible.

  Auction houses

We are also continuing to investigate the impact of search results on gold auction houses, active auction lists, mailing of items for auction, and delays in the sale and purchase of goods, and hope that all transactions will work as quickly as possible. Please note that although these issues may cause the "completed" label to appear with items that have already been purchased there will be a temporary delay, but your items will not be lost. If you don't see the items you're buying right away, wait a moment and try later. If you are having trouble transferring gold coins from the "completed" label to the storage box, use the same method. Although your sale and purchase may not appear in your auction log, these transactions will still be recorded and processed within 24 hours.

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