What to do when the Apple iphone5s charge?

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IPhone5S is using a metal shell, this is particularly easy to leakage, while it is possible to use parallel imports iphone5s, this may be even greater.


IPhone5S Why will there be charging leakage? Some engineers believe that this is because the iphone5s to the internal circuit is not fully shielded, resulting in a partial current leakage to the full metal shell. This is also the whole metal shell design of the mobile phone to face the main problem.

What is the cause of the leakage of the product? According to the physical principle of the current from the Charger-power module-Internal device flow process, if not completely isolated, the current will be connected from the temporal series to the shell up, if the human body contact, you will feel the feeling of hemp.

iphone5s charge leakage?

IPhone5S occurred charging leakage phenomenon, many users are concerned about whether Apple supports the replacement of the machine. The latest response from Apple said that if the user's machine detection results finally confirmed the existence of loopholes, in three packs of time is free to replace the new machines


Appear iphone5s charge leakage We can go to Apple to apply for testing machine, if there is a charge of our response to the leakage of electricity, we can replace the iphone products Oh.

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